Tuesday, July 26, 2016 (Irvin's RV Park and Campground, Valemount, BC)

Today was the kind of day where we stayed home and just took care of a bunch of little things. After a leisurely start with our coffee, we did our resistance exercises and then I cooked a big breakfast while Steve showered.

Steve started doing some planning in preparation for our arrival in Edmonton. We have a lot of maintenance issues to deal with while there...camera system, awning, batteries, generator...truck tires just mention a few.

I did laundry, worked on our blog...ahhh...such a great hike yesterday...recorded some budget items on our tracking spreadsheet and basically puttered around doing a bunch of other "stuff". 

It was one of the warmer days in awhile...with temps hitting 30C/85F, so a good part of my time was spent inside with the air conditioning running. Steve was outside for awhile sitting in the shade researching stuff on his iPad.

Since we are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning, we walked down to say goodbye to Blair and Birgit. Nice seeing you again.

That evening we had a Skype call with Steve's uncle and aunt...Gordon and Esther. We are headed to Edmonton to celebrate Gordon's 75th birthday and attend a surprise party on Saturday. We are booked into an RV Park Friday but have decided to arrive a couple of days early, so will be leaving in the morning and going to Spruce Grove, a community just to the west of Edmonton. Of course, we could not reveal any of these plans while talking to Gord....so as far as he knew, we would be arriving next Monday afternoon. It was wonderful talking to them, but I was so worried about slipping up and spoiling the surprise party!

So, we are in "stealth" mode...no blog/facebook updates that would reveal our location....until after the surprise party!

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