Monday, August 8, 2016 (Travel to Iron Horse Trail Campground, St. Paul, AB)

We pulled out of St. Albert Kinsmen RV Park at 8:40 this morning. Before leaving Edmonton, we needed to stop at WCI Whyte Communications to have the camera cable connections checked that connects the trailer cameras to the truck. After our visit there last Tuesday, they had gotten the truck passenger door camera to work and had cleaned up the cable connection that goes to the trailer. However, when Steve tested it when we got home, the two trailer cameras still didn't work. Steve removed the coiled dual plug cable that plugs the trailer into the truck and cleaned all the connection then sprayed a cleaner into them. Still nothing. He then pulled the plug back off and grabbed his multimeter and did a continuity test and the cable checked out fine. Plugged it back in and still nothing. That meant towing the trailer back to WCI so they could troubleshoot the problem. Well, wouldn't you know it? All four cameras were working as we left the RV park this morning! The bumpy Edmonton roads were a good test and all 4 cameras remained on all the way there. Oh well, we're still going to stop there and have them check it out. As it turned out, they were able to determine that by wiggling the coiled cable that Steve had worked on, the trailer cameras would drop out. They will have to order it in so it looks like we will have to return to Edmonton on our way south after we finish our visit to northeastern Alberta.

It was a quick stop at WCI and we were soon making our way to highway 16 east...although it was a bit of a challenge getting through some major highway construction. We headed straight east from Edmonton to Mundare, then took highway 855 north to highway 29...which zigzags northeast to St. Paul. As usual, I took some pictures along the way...

Mundare is home to World Renown Stawnichy's Ukrainian Sausage. We stopped there six years ago on our way through...this time we continued on, deciding we may stop on our way back.

Ukrainian Church...
Old farm buildings dot the landscape everywhere...

Canola fields...

Of course, we had to go through a short section of road work, chip sealing...

It was shortly before 12:30 when we arrived in St. Paul, driving through on the main street to the turnoff to the campground.  St. Paul is much bigger than I expected.

We missed the next turnoff to the campground and had to find a spot to turn around. Our GPS at times is a little slow giving turning directions. That's the campground we are headed to...

We arrived at the Iron Horse Trail Campground, owned and operated by the city of St. Paul and after checking in, proceeded to site A5. We have full hook ups (again) for $30/night...and we are able to off-load and ride our quads right from the campground.

With a thunderstorm looming, we raced to get setup...however, Steve did get a little wet while setting up the satellite dish.

Home for the next four nights...looking forward to riding some of Alberta's Iron Horse Trail!
We managed to sit outside for a very short period...hoping to watch a lightning show, but it started raining so we had to retreat inside. Actually the weather forecast for the entire time we are here is not great...thunderstorms with lots of rain. Hopefully, there will be some breaks so we can get out!


  1. looks like a nice spot!! enjoy your stay.

  2. That church is pretty but looks so out of place there. I enjoy a good thunderstorm too, but we've sure had a lot of them over the last two weeks. Kind of spoils some of the afternoon activities. And each time we say, Wow, we really should wash the truck and trailer, another storm rolls in.

    1. We've never experienced as many thunderstorms as we've had this summer. I've also given up on washing anything for now.