Friday, July 29, 2016 (Travel to St. Albert Kinsmen RV Park, St. Albert, AB)

We had a very relaxing morning...not being in any hurry to pack up. Check-in at the St. Albert Kinsmen RV Park wasn't until noon and it was only about 25 minutes away (Steve's kind of travel day! LOL)

Even though we took our time, we were still ready to head out by 11:00, so we walked over to the activity centre and sat at the tables in the shade for a half hour. At 11:30 we walked back to our site, climbed in the truck and headed off.
We got a kick out of the sign at the exit...(a reminder.."Step Up; Antenna Down; Wife In")...
We arrived at the RV park in St. Albert at noon...which happened to be the check-out time for that well as the check-in time. Strange that you would have the same check out/check in time. Well, as it turned out, the people hadn't left the site we were going we had to sit on the road waiting for them to leave...sheesh!

We finally got into our site (#43)....and all set up. Time for a couple of pictures of the park...long, fairly well spaced sites (for a private park)...
Around 3:00, Steve's youngest brother, Dave and his fiance, Kerry arrived for a visit, They drove from Thompson, Manitoba, staying with friends in Red Deer, about an hour south of here, and are also here for the big surprise birthday party. A little while later, Steve's cousin, Heather, came by after work.
Left to, Heather, Kerry and Dave...

Steve grilled burgers and we ate dinner outside at the picnic table placed in a narrow strip of shade. After dinner, with virtually no shade, we headed inside to the AC and continued our visit. This is the start of a great weekend as family gather for the celebration!

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