Monday and Tuesday, August 1 and 2, 2016 (St. Albert Kinsmen RV Park, St. Albert, AB)

Monday was a shopping day...we wanted to take advantage of Alberta not having a provincial sales tax. We headed out mid morning...our destination was Best Buy. We started off by going to a small store in St. Albert but we were't impressed with the selection, so decided to go to a larger one in northwest Edmonton.

It was time to replace our laptop...after all, it was over six and a half years old! It had done us well but it was getting old and slow and I didn't want to wait until it completely died to find a replacement. Between the two Best Buy stores, we had sat in the truck reading reviews...we were pretty well set on getting a Hewlett Packard (HP) because we know of a number of people who have and like them. But reading information and reviews, Dell seemed like a better choice. Mind you, we went in armed with some must haves...knowing what we were looking for (thanks for your help, Chris!) and it turned out that it was a Dell that seemed to fit the bill. It was also on sale plus they included Microsoft Office software that they value of $130. Sweet!

Feeling pretty good about our purchase, we left the "Geek Squad" desk. They would transfer data from our old laptop over to the new one and we could pick it up tomorrow. As we were wandering around, we happened upon a display of Dyson V6 Absolute vacuum cleaners...on sale. $200 off! I really wanted a new vacuum...and had my heart set on the Dyson. So, guess what? We made another purchase! Gee...we seem to be spending money like we have it...LOL!

It was mid afternoon by the time we got home. We had been invited to join the family down at Heritage Days...a festival going on this long weekend, but we decided against it. Once home, Steve opened the box and pulled out my new "toy" and plugged it in to charge while I made us a bite to eat. It didn't take long for it to be charged...and of course, I had  to try it out!
The small canister was almost full after just doing the bedroom! Ah ha...proof that all I was really doing when using the built in vacuum in the trailer was just moving dust around!

Tuesday morning we had an appointment at 8:30 to take the truck in to WCI Whyte Communications to have the truck camera system looked at. We had had them installed here six years ago and the four cameras are working intermittently...rarely do all four work at the same time and lately.. it has been getting increasingly the point where he's lucky to have at least one working. They managed to rule out the camera monitor and found a faulty cable on the passenger door camera but are unable to troubleshoot the remainder until we return with the trailer on the 8th.

It was after 1:30 by the time we got away from there...and we were starving! After a quick stop at A and W, we made our way to Western Isuzu Truck. Ever since we let the diesel get so low (last Wednesday), there has been what sounds like a gurgling or boiling sound coming from the area of the fuel lines and fuel filter. It was not going away and Steve was getting concerned about it...time to get it checked out. Well, apparently the timing was coincidental and had nothing to do with the fuel was a leaky air tank check valve!

The folks at Western Isuzu were very good...he checked into the faulty valve and found out that it was an after-market part and they didn't carry it. So he directed us to Fleet Brake...even calling ahead to ask about the part and let them know we were on our way. Marlon at Fleet Brake took care of us...they can get the valve, so we had an appointment for 8:30 tomorrow morning to have it taken care of.

We had one last stop to make today...Kal Tire to have the front wheels re-torqued. Once there, we noticed that the noise from the leaky valve was getting much louder...most likely because two different mechanics had been running their hands around it looking for a part number. We had been invited out for dinner at a friends place, however they lived in south Edmonton and Steve was concerned about driving that distance...with the worsening air leak the compressor was running more often and longer and we didn't want to damage it.. So we made the difficult decision to call them and cancel...something we really didn't want to do so late in the day. However, when I spoke to Don, he offered to come out and pick us up...something he had been considering just based on the size of our truck and parking in their area. Thanks Don...very much appreciated!

After getting the wheels torqued, we were on our way home when about 3 kms/5 miles from the RV park, we heard a big pow and we lost all air from the truck...the valve had blown. With no air suspension or air ride in Steve's seat the rest of the ride was very rough as we limped the short distance home. (Have we mentioned that the roadways in Edmonton are the roughest of any city we've experienced so far in our North American travels. When we were here in 2010 there were far more pot holes but they have since patched most of them, so now they are more like rumble strips and speed bumps!)  Steve immediately called Fleet Brake who was willing to send out a mobile mechanic right away to fix it. Since we were going out, arrangements were made for the mechanic to come out first thing tomorrow morning.

Now it was time to call Coach-Net,  our roadside assistance provider for approval. Even though our "Premier Towable Policy" states Unlimited Mobile Mechanic: Dispatching of a mechanic to the site of your mechanically disabled vehicle, the agent said the policy doesn't cover the "mule" or tow vehicle. They would however call us a tow truck. Click on Coach-Net  and see what you think.
For those interested in Steve's rant click on the RV-Dreams Forum

Don picked us up at 4:45....we met Don and Gweth Purdy five years ago on our trip to Cabo San Lucas/San Jose del Cabo. They were with Gordon and Esther...and we had invited ourselves to join them (we had never been to that part of Mexico and I really wanted to see it). The six of us had a fabulous 2 it was really great to see them again at Gordon's surprise birthday party.

While in Cabo, we discovered that a cousin of mine is their neighbour. I can't remember how it came about...but obvious my maiden name (Joinson) came into the conversation and they said they had a neighbour by that name...Bill Joinson. Well, I have a cousin by that name! However, I haven't seen him for years...and wouldn't even recognize him if I passed him on the street!

Well, shortly after arriving at Don and Gweth's place, the door bell rang...and guess who it was?! Yes, my cousin, Bill, and his wife Judy! They couldn't stay for dinner but had delayed their plans so that they could at least pop over for a short visit and meet us.

He had brought along an old picture taken in 1957 of all the grandchildren with our grandfather and grandmother.... yup, there I was being held in the arms of my cousin, Peggy (Bill's sister) at the age of one and a half! We picked out all of the cousins...including three of my brothers. Dwight, my younger brother wasn't born yet.
Judy, Bill, me and Steve...
We sat and reminisced over a glass of wine and then they had to leave. So very good to have been re-connected with you, Bill! Thanks so much, Gweth and Don, for "introducing" me to my cousin!

Gweth, Steve and I sat relaxing on the deck as Don grilled chicken on the barbecue...
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner...
Afterwards, we continue our visit back outside on the deck until it was time to go home. What a great evening! Thanks so much Gweth and Don for a lovely evening and even chauffeuring us! It was wonderful catching up with you after so long!


  1. Geez, really sorry to hear about those truck issues again....we know it is unsettling to have them and you feel out of control. But keep the faith I am sure it will get better!

    Safe travels,

    Les and Sue

    1. Thanks guys! Our favourite saying since starting this lifestyle is "It is what it is!" Hopefully, that's it for a long while!

  2. Barb is jealous, she wants one of those Dyson's. We like our Dell, it still worked even after taking at tumble of the roof at 25mph!

    1. Yes, it's great...costly but we decided to go for it! Love it!
      Wow! that's a sturdy PC...surviving that! Don't think I'll try testing mine, though LOL!