Wednesday, August 17, 2016 (Travel to Camrose, AB)

We pulled out of Dave and Leslie's driveway this morning at about 10:00...after letting Margaret out for a run and a pee. Smokey the cat even wandered by to say goodbye...nice!

Back on highway 28, we basically retraced our route from Edmonton here. We sure wish we didn't have to make a stop in Edmonton...but we do. The new cables for the trailer cameras has come in so we must swing by WCI Whyte Communications again.

Some rather artistic folks made a happy face out of bales of
 Here are some pictures of our was a gorgeous day!

Back through the road construction...this time, the light turned green as we were approaching so we didn't have to wait...

There is a campground sandwiched between the highway and Kehiwin Lake...looks like a nice spot but might be a tad bit noisy due to traffic...

 Back through St. Paul...
 Lots of old abandoned farm buildings...

  North Saskatchewan River...

Love the name of this community! "Hairy Hill"...too funny, I wonder how it got it's name?
The new name chosen for the post office was inspired by a strange phenomenon the region’s early settlers had observed. In the 1940s, folklorists recorded this story told by George Chrapka, an early resident of the area:
The first settlers, on moving into this district … chose the site for their new homes on a large flat hill. This hill, however, was somewhat different from any other they had seen. Everywhere they looked they saw large mats of hair covering the ground. Naturally they were puzzled, but with the coming of the spring also came an answer. One bright morning they saw a hundred or more buffalo roaming lazily along the slopes of the hill. On going to the spot they found fresh mats of hair. This solved the “hairy mystery,” and also suggested a name for the locality – Hairy Hill.

More abandoned farm buildings...

A little Alberta history..Soda Lake area...

Since we didn't get a chance to visit Hamel's Meat Market in Bonnyville again, we just had to stop in Mundare...and Stawnichy's!

We left their store with Ukrainian sausage (both regular and gluten free), pepperoni, brats and a rack of ribs! We ate our packed lunch at the picnic tables in this little park and then continued on our way to Edmonton.

We made our way back to  WCI Whyte Communications where they installed the new cables on the truck and trailer...
It didn't really take that long for the guys to install the cable...Steve went in to settle up and to our surprise, they didn't charge any labour and charged us the same amount as we paid for it six years ago (which, by the way, is still a ridiculous amount for 3 cables...$211!)

Our destination for today was Camrose...only about another hour's drive.
It was about 4:00 when we pulled into Camrose...and the Walmart Super Centre.
After going inside to confirm it was okay to park overnight in their parking lot, we got all set up...home sweet home for the night...


  1. That campsite on the lake was pretty. It looks like the roads are long and pretty straight? That's some sausage! Nice to get your truck fixed, didn't sound too bad.

  2. Too bad I am late on reading blogs because we are only a half hour out of Camrose and you could have stayed at our place (farm). Maybe some other time!!!

    1. Bummer...that would have been nice. Thanks for tagging along too.