Wednesday, December 3, 2014 (Country Roads RV Village, Yuma, AZ)

Well, I found out what Steve was doing last night while I was out for the evening at Bingo...composing a poem in celebration of my birthday. When I opened email this morning, this is what was waiting for me....

So a year has passed and you're another year older.
And now I'm going to sound like a hoser.

Too bad it's laundry day.
I'm sure you would rather celebrate another way.

You are my best friend, my lover, the mother of my sons.
That's why I love you tons.

I'm so glad you're all mine.
Even though you're 59.
So tonight we will dine.

We shall celebrate with friends.
So don't forget your depends.

Holy crap...I sound like a poet.
And didn't know it.

TOO FUNNY! Thanks, honey...a lovely start to my birthday!

As the poem suggests, I spent a good part of my day down at the laundry room here at the resort. We had gone the longest ever without doing laundry...3 you can well imagine the amount that had accumulated! Seven loads and two and a half hours later, I was back at the trailer.

But the whole experience was made so much nicer because Cec picked me (and my 4 bags of laundry) up in the jeep...a lot easier than taking our truck over! And then kept me company while I so very nice chatting and spending time with you, Cec! Thank you!

When we got back to the trailer, Alan was there visiting with Steve. The audio on our TV receiver had stopped working the other day and with Alan's help, they fixed it...thanks, Alan! We sat chatting for a bit and then made plans to head off for my birthday celebration dinner at 4:30.

I put the laundry away and then worked on our blog post. Sitting at the table with the laptop, it was really odd looking outside to see cloudy was even raining a bit! Such a change from all of the clear blue sky and sunshine we have been experiencing here in southern Arizona!

At 4:30, we were off to Mariscos Mar Azul Mexican seafood restaurant. We started off with beer and fresh guacamole and chips...and then we all had fish and/or shrimp tacos. Steve got adventurous and also had a gobernador shrimp taco (he said it was very good but a little messy to eat)

Our meal was followed by dessert (Flan) with the staff singing their rendition of "Happy Birthday"...awesome!

Fresh flowers from their garden, along with some chocolates...thanks, Cec and Alan!

After a delicious dinner, we went back to our place and played Rummikub. We each won one game...and then had a tie-breaker...that I won; yay for the girls!

Another awesome day...and birthday! 


  1. Steve is a man of many talents!

    1. Haha! Yes...and after all these years, the poet emerges!

  2. Ah, how cute! He's a keeper. Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a really great time!

  3. The poem was great. Doug does that too. We play chip rummy too. We must teach Sue.

  4. He's a poet and didn't even know it!!
    Happy birthday my friend !!..looks like it was a fabulous day!