Thursday and Friday, December 18 and 19, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

After our usual start to the day, we got our exercises over with and got on with our day. We each did our "own thing" today...Steve headed outside to take care of a few chores while I did my hair and cleaned up the kitchen.

We loaded the boat back onto the truck and then Steve headed into town to run some errands (gas, propane, water) and to have some "alone time" wandering around some of the vendors. While he was gone, I did some baking and banking...and then sat outside reading.

It was going on 3:00 when Steve got home. We were sitting outside when Rob and Peg popped by on their quad. They are 'regulars' that spend the winter here...coming down from Okotoks, Alberta. We got caught up over a drink and then they headed off...and we retreated inside, it was cooling off quickly.

Friday morning we took care of a couple of things that required phone calls. Steve had to call ICBC (Insurance Corporation of BC) to renew an insurance rider on the truck that expires mid-January. We usually take care of it when home at Christmas but we aren't going home this year...luckily he had no problem taking care of it over the phone.

Then it was my turn...I needed to order a new battery for the laptop...again! This is the third replacement in as many years. The ones I have ordered from Amazon have each lasted just over the one year warranty period. This time I thought I would try a different approach. So I decided to call Laptop Battery Express and get their advice. I spoke to a very friendly fellow who helped me pick out a new battery. Hopefully this one lasts longer than the others!

Now it was time to get out for a walk. We headed down past Bob and Sue's place; all decorated nicely...
We have our decorations up too...
Live aboard in the desert...

Our yard (actually, it's Earl and Allison's but we are squatting on it this year since they couldn't make it down)...Art and Jan are on the right...

After work and a little exercise, it was time to go out and play! It was noon when we headed out on our quads to do some geocaching.

This was a very cool geocache...

Hey Marty...Steve thought of you at this one :-)

 A nest amid a bunch of dead branches at the next geocache...
 Here I am trying to log into a very small micro geocache...
Geocache hidden in the tree...

 Another find!
 And I'm after another one...
 That's me flying by Steve on my way to the next geocache...

We got home at 4:00...after finding 33 geocaches...just in time to take in the late afternoon sunshine with a cocktail. Art came over and we sat chatting with him until the sun went down and it was time to head inside.

Tomorrow a bunch of us are heading out for another day out on our quad...stay tuned!


  1. WOW...that's a lot of geocaches!!!

    Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:o))

    1. Thanks, Bill and Nancy!
      Merry Christmas to you both and all the best in 2015!

  2. I think that would be a fun way to do geocaches!

  3. 33 in one day!?! You must have been flying!

    Have a good Christmas!

    1. There was a string of them all about .1 mile apart so it was a lot of getting off and on our quads! We just had to finish that string, though! LOL!

      Merry Christmas to you...and Happy New Year!

  4. a great day of geocaching! you may have to show us a trick or two!!
    all that decorating in the trailer must have taken 'all day'!!

    1. Anytime, Sue! And yes, decorating the trailer was exhausting! LOL!