Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, December 21, 22 and 23, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

These three days were basically work days. Sunday, Steve decided to "unpack" Earl's poopmobile and empty our holding tanks. Earl had it well wrapped up for transport and storage...after undoing about six knots, we got the tarp off.
We took pictures to refer to when we have to pack it all back up...Earl, we'll do our best to put it back the way we found it when we are finished with it! Thanks, again, for letting us use it for our stay here at Q!

An integral part of the setup, the macerator pump, was trapped up north with Earl so Art lent us his...thanks Art! After a quick trip into town to pick up a new fitting to connect our sewer hose to the tank, Steve finally had it all ready...and started pumping out the tanks.
Off to the the dump, to the dump, dump, dump...
Then filling up with fresh water...

While Steve was taking care of that, I did a little cleaning inside...and that was pretty well our day. A beautiful sunset...

Monday was laundry day. We headed off into town shortly before 9:30 and were back about an hour and a quarter later...with wet laundry ready to hang on the clothesline. Art and Jan kindly offered us the use of theirs...thanks, guys!

While I was in the laundromat, Steve went over to the hardware store and picked up a hummingbird feeder...the type that attaches to the window with a suction cup. He filled it and attached it to the window while I was hanging the clothes...all it attracted were dozens of bees...sheesh! Steve is going to put it away in the morning before they return for breakfast and try again in a few days.

It was an absolutely spectacular day with temps reaching 25C/ nice to be back to clear, blue sky! While the clothes were drying, we both sat outside in the shade reading...and I would go back and forth to the clothesline gathering clothes as they dried.

It was going on 11:00 Tuesday morning by the time we were ready to head to Parker. Mind you, we did sleep in until 7:15...then after our usual coffee start, we did our exercises, showered and had by the time dishes were done and we were ready...well, no wonder it was late morning!

Today was shopping day...our first stop was Quiet Times in Quartzsite to pick up our laptop battery that had been delivered (already). Then it was onto Parker. Once at Walmart Steve lingered behind to take a picture of this cool 1931 Ford while I headed right in to get started...

Of course, it was crazy shopping today...patience was in order to make it through the crowds. After Walmart, we went across the street to Safeway to finish up...and then headed home.

And that's basically our last three days...not very exciting, but it can't be all play, all the time! LOL!

With the Christmas Season now upon us, Steve and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones the very best of the Season....
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Merry Christmas to both you and Steve. Missing Ya. We will see you in January.

    1. Looking forward to seeing you in January! Merry Christmas!

      p.s....I want to see pictures of your rig all decorated! :)

  2. Poop machine. haha

    Merry Christmas you guys. See you soon.