Saturday, December 6, 2014 (Country Roads RV Village, Yuma, AZ)

Saturday morning, after researching and calling a number of places, Steve found a motorsports store that sold Non-Resident OHV permits. That's much better than having to drive all of the way back to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area BLM to get them. So it was late morning when we headed out to pick them up.

After lunch we went to the Yuma Flea Market with Alan and Cec...lots of interesting things. It's always interesting to wander around and check things out...

 They even had live entertainment...

Steve managed to find the screen door cross-bar handle that we were looking for at one of the kiosks.

After a quick stop at Sam's Club (silly thing to do on a Saturday afternoon), we headed home. We had about an hour or so to relax before it was time to get ready to go out again. At 4:30 we were back in the truck following Alan and Cec to Cocopah Casino.

We met Becky and Tim for dinner...

After dinner, we all fed the slots for a half hour or so, before heading over to Cocopah Speedway...and the races! I've never seen dirt track racing and Steve hasn't since he was a kid. There had been so much rain here recently they had to pump the water off the track so there was no dust.

Another great day...and evening...spent with wonderful friends! We have really enjoyed our stay in Yuma, but it's time to move on tomorrow!


  1. Again thank you. We parked at the casino for 6 days and heard the speedway, saw the lights and wondered. We sat at that exact table one night too.

  2. Steve and Dianne,

    Les (Bigboonmer) from RV Dreams, Escapees and MOC.

    Hope all is well, looks like you are having a blast!

    We are heading out after the New Year to a attend the annual Circling of the Montana's in Q.

    We will then be staying in one of the LTVA's and was wondering if you have any tips as to which one is better for arriving around 1/21 after the C of M is over?

    Having never been to Q we are not sure which will be better for us....

    1. Hi Les,
      Glad to hear you'll be in the area...hopefully our paths will cross. Can't miss your truck and I'm sure you can't miss mine.😜 We prefer La Posa South because it's the only BLM that has the Sanidump, water and garbage. It's just south of Q on I-95 heading to Yuma. Others really like the 14 day use one on Plomosa Rd as it's less dusty but has no services.