Saturday, December 27, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was cold in the rig this morning...even with the heater on medium all night! 57F/14C inside...mid 30's outside...brrrr! So we had another slow start to the day...much more desirable to sit in our recliners in front of the heater than do anything else! But eventually, we decided that we should do our resistance exercises and get on with our day.

It was noon by the time we had done our exercises, showered, had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen...time to get out for some exercise! After a couple of days indulging in delicious turkey with the trimmings, I think a long walk was called for!

Lots of rock work here marking their turf...

There are a bunch of RV-Dreamers scheduled to be in the Quartzsite area next month, so we are trying to get a mini-reunion together. One idea as a venue for the gathering is the large picnic area near the entrance of La Posa South. It has a large covered area, some picnic tables (not many, though...we'd have to bring more tables), horseshoe pits, fire pit...and restroom facilities.
We thought it would be a perfect location for an afternoon "appy" gathering.

We walked down to the gate to see what was involved in using the spot...can we actually book it for a function? We found out that the space is available for group gatherings and that we have to submit a letter of our intended use to the LTVA manager and it has to be approved. It is already booked on Sundays and if there are enough people interested in the gathering and we can determine a date, then we will proceed with booking the space.

Steve decided to spend what was left of the afternoon filling the rig with fresh water. I paid some bills and entered some recent expenses on our budget spreadsheet. It's the end of the year, guess I'm going to have to create a new 2015 budget spreadsheet sometime soon. Speaking of budget, a significant expenditure we are saddled with this year is the exchange rate. With the Canadian dollar running around 85 cents against the US dollar, we are ending up at roughly a 20% deficit when buying US dollars. In two months, this has added an additional $1300 to our expenditures!

We sat outside enjoying the late afternoon sun. The wind had died down considerably and the trailer provided a shield from the breeze there was but as the sun went down, we headed inside. After dinner we decided to watch a movie that my brother had downloaded for us last year...12 Years A was well done but I must admit, it wasn't a movie I would rave about.


  1. Oh, we know about that exchange rate. On the other hand, the price of gas is amazing.

    12 Years a Slave was just Roots redone, in my opinion.

    1. Yes, the cost of gas, diesel and propane definitely makes it much more bearable!!

  2. We are going to be at the Dome Rock BLM area on December 30th and 31st, maybe we could meet up if you are still in the area!

    1. Sure...we are riding on the 30th so how about the 31st? I can meet you at the La Posa South gatehouse if you want to come to our place, or we can meet you someplace in town.

  3. Looks like you will be in for a cold snap for a little bit more...maybe even some of the white stuff..! Hopefully it all vacates and warms up by the time we get out there next weekend!

    Stay Warm!


  4. Yes...we had our long johns on for for the first time for our quad ride today!
    Bring some heat with you Les.