Wednesday, December 10, 2014 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

We really didn't do much today. After a very lazy start to the day (other than doing our resistance exercises), we finally got out for a was going on noon!
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Our rig in the distance...

We had a good 45 minute walk around the area and then after lunch, Steve decided that it was windy enough to get his kite out. Yes, this is the kite he bought while on the Oregon Coast...and he's finally getting a chance to try it out!

It was a bit of a challenge...the wind would be strong and then suddenly just die off...and then come back again...and off again. I got my exercise chasing the kite around as it crashed landed. After awhile, he finally gave up and put it away but he had a great time while flying it!

I spent the next little while sitting outside in the sunshine reading until it got a little too chilly. It is amazing how fast it cools down as the sun gets lower in the sky! We retreated inside and Charlene and Dennis came over for happy hour. Another lovely end to the day....

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  1. You are really out in the middle of NO WHERE:o)) Beautiful and Oh that SUNSHINE looks wonderful!!!