Wednesday, November 27, 2013 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, California)

It was shortly after 11:00 by the time we were ready to head out on an ATV ride. We stopped at Armand and Ann's place to see how they did getting their satellite TV going. They also use ShawDirect (they are from Alberta) and were having troubles getting a signal. As it turned out, all that was needed was just a bit of an adjustment and all was good.

We then stopped to introduce ourselves to Rod and Jan from Quesnel BC. Apparently while researching areas to stay on BLM lands they came across our blog about the Midland here they are.

We dropped our garbage off at the bins and were then on our way. I had downloaded local geocaches to our GPS's but for some reason mine wouldn't give me directions. I'll have to sit down with it and figure out all of the settings...I did have it all set up for geocaching at one point but lost all of the settings...sheesh!

This is a wash that we stopped at last year...there is a geocache here but we think it may have been washed away.

It's a windy day today...

We tried to carry on through the canyon where we rode last year but came upon a sign that said Wilderness ATV's, motorcycles, jeeps, we turned around. We then tried to get through the mountains on another trail but there were a lot of deep washouts so we ended up turning around and taking the same trail we were on the other day. Today, we planned on going along the base of the mountain, around to the other side. We had done that last year but we must have missed a turnoff because next thing we knew were were headed southwest towards the highway.

We ended up taking a trail that paralleled the highway...and came across these palm tree stumps...

Before we knew it, we could see the LTVA in the distance...and then we were home. We hadn't planned on being back so was only 1:30.

After putting all of our riding gear away, I settled in with the Garmin Montana 600 user guide (on my laptop) while Steve decided to go out and finally install the new air toggle switch for the rear air suspension in the truck that blew apart last September. Can't rush into these things! We have been using a large paddle type air switch from a Kenworth tractor that doesn't fit into the dash.

Just after 4:00 we headed up to Charlene and Dennis's place for cocktails...and had another lovely evening chatting. Tomorrow is the American Thanksgiving and we are going with Dennis and Charlene over to Bouse, Arizona to join in a big celebration...looking forward to it!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our American friends!

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