Thursday, November 21, 2013 (Travel to Terribles Truck Stop and Casino, Searchlight, Nevada)

We were actually surprised to wake up to sunshine again this morning...but there were ominous looking clouds in the distance.  After a quick couple cups of coffee, we got ourselves going...time to hit the road again today!

After a stop at the sani-dump on our way out, we were on the road shortly after 9:30...a little later than planned...oh well!  We left the park the way we came in, heading west out of the valley, back to I-15. The blue sky and sunshine was wonderful, however, it wasn't going to last long...

 ...since this is what we are heading into as we approached Las Vegas...

Steve had phoned Affordable RV Parts and Service in north Vegas the other day to see if they had the replacement part for the slide topper that broke, so that was our first stop. Steve is also concerned that the topper on another slider is starting to make a thumping noise as it winds in because its rubbing on the slide. It appears that the end caps are worn out like the ones we just had replaced on the dining slider, so we wanted to get it checked out. We were hoping Affordable RV would be a good spot for this but it turned out not to be that great, so we carried on.

We have now put on about 74,000 km/46,250 miles (on the truck) in 3 1/2 years of travel and we sometimes feel like we're in a constant state of repairs and service...shake, rattle and roll :-)

I found the address for a Camping World in south Las Vegas so we headed there. We wouldn't normally seek out a Camping World for any work on our trailer, however, when you don't know the local area it's at least a name you know. As it turned out, they wouldn't be able to look at it until the first week in December...oh well, we tried!  Although being a little out of our way, the trip wasn't wasted as we ended up picking up a few things in their store...including a couple of spare replacement bolts for the slide shaft.

We headed back to I-515 south and then turned onto US 95 south...and into times very heavy rain...

We arrived at Terribles Truck Stop and Casino at about 1:30 and after filling up with diesel decided to stay the night.  It was another 3 hours to Blythe and we would need to fill up with fresh water before heading north to Midland LTVA, which would mean we would arrive in the dark. So we decided to just stay put. Steve found a spot at the far end of the huge parking lot and we leveled off.

After a bite to eat, we walked over to the casino to check it out.

We sat down at the bar for a beer...$1 for a!...and could have easily stayed longer but decided to go back to the trailer for a couple of hours and return later for happy hour and dinner.

This handsome fella welcomes you as you pass by...

Since we had internet, I spent the next couple of hours working on our blog while Steve did some catching up of his own, reading the various blogs that he follows.

It was going on 5:00 when we walked back over to the casino, sat at the bar with our beer(s) and met Rosie, the 73 year young bartender. She was quite the character...(unfortunately, the picture I took turned out a little blurry...too much beer? haha!)

We tried our luck out on the slots but quickly lost our $5 each.  We went back to the bar had another beer and then Steve went next door to McDonald's to get a burger and I ordered chicken strips and fries from Rosie.

We were back at the trailer by 7:30 and decided to watch TV in bed (where it was warm) rather than power up the home theatre in the living room.  It wasn't long before we started to hear the pitter-patter of rain and then the wind started.

I think it's going to be a noisy night around's a popular truck stop!

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