Saturday, November 16, 2013 (Wine Ridge RV Resort, Pahrump, NV)

It was another sunny beautiful day today but much cooler than it had been...the high was only 66F/19C, not the usual 76+.  Since we lounged by the pool yesterday afternoon, today we definitely had to get stuff done...we are leaving tomorrow and we have a bunch of stuff to do in preparation.  We headed out just before 10:00.  I took a few pictures of the casinos along the way...

A few hours later, we were on our way home all stocked up with groceries, Steve had his hair cut and we had filled up a propane tank. This interesting looking building is on the corner where we turn off the highway to come to the RV park. It is a "Gentleman's Club"...

The road leading up to the park...

This beautiful property is across the street from the entrance to the park/winery. We thought it might belong to the owners of the winery but we don't know.

There's a pool in the yard on the left side...

Once home, we both went to work...I had all of the groceries to put away and Steve had the back of the truck to clean up and load the quads.  We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for our departure in the morning.  We are heading to Valley of Fire State Park, east of Las, if you don't hear from me for a bit, it is because we have no internet.

I'll end today with a tidbit of information..."Pahrump" is such an odd name that we were curious as to where it came from...well...Pahrump is named after the original indigenous name Pah-Rimpi, or "Water Rock," so named because of the abundant artesian wells in the valley.


  1. You are headed to one of my favorite parks! We loved that we could park and then walk right out the door and start climbing!! A really lovely campground. What a gorgeous park for lots of fun, easy climbing and hiking anywhere you want. Just park and head out! Make sure you park by wash #5 and hike down the little slotted wash for amazing colors. I can't wait for your photos!! Have fun and drive safely!

  2. Wow, look at that clear blue desert sky, love it. Have fun in Valley Of Fire, it's gorgeous!

  3. Thanks John, Pam and Ray. It was your blog pics of your visit here that convinced us to check it out. This place is awesome!