Thursday, November 28, 2013 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, California)

We were up at our usual time this morning...6:00 seems to be the norm lately! Oh well, at least we aren't having to rush to work...LOL!

I chopped the cabbage, put it into a ziplok bag and also put the rest of the ingredients for the salad into baggies. After making the dressing, I put it into a small plastic container...there...the salad is all ready and I'll just have to mix it all together when we are there. Charlene and Dennis invited us to join them at a Thanksgiving gathering at their friends place in Bouse, Arizona. We had been to another gathering at Jim's place the "Eagles Nest" last February for Valentine's Day...quite a gathering and lots of fun!

Dennis and Charlene picked us up at 10:00 and just over an hour later, we were at Jim's place (it was just after 12:00 in Bouse because Arizona is an hour ahead of California).
Everyone in the little community was busy preparing for Thanksgiving after much food...was being set out. They even had to set up another table, there was so much food!

Time to eat!

After a delicious meal, the dishes were taken away, and everyone relaxed in their chairs, chatting and listening to the band.

Mike the guitar player on the right is a former customer of Steve's...small world.

I love this...these two little dogs had their own chairs to sit on (Suzanne, I think you should get one for Dunkin!)...

It was going on 4:00 when we got home. We had spent a lovely day enjoying the American Thanksgiving with great friends...thank-you, Dennis and Charlene, for including us in your day!

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