Thursday, October 31, 2013 (Guaranty RV, Junction City, OR)

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Not a lot to report...we spent the whole day waiting...and waiting.  We were up early and ready before 8:00. We walked over to the service department and waited a few minutes for John, our service rep. He walked back over with us and did up the paperwork of what was to be done on the fifth-wheel today.

It was going on 9:00 by the time the fellow arrived with the forklift to take the trailer over to the service bay. We walked over to the customer waiting area and began our wait.  At about 11:00 we decided to drive over to Countryside Interiors where we bought our leather recliners last March. They both have become quite squeaky when you recline them...and for the cost, we figured they shouldn't be doing that. The outcome of our visit was that we will have to stop by tomorrow so they can take a look at them...they have never heard of that problem. Okay...I guess our early start on the road will be delayed tomorrow.

After that we fueled up with diesel...$3.84/gallon...or about $1.05/litre, we headed back to Guaranty RV. The old wheels/tires were off the trailer so Steve wanted to take them to Les Schwab to see if he could trade them all in for a used wheel and tire...we needed a spare tire to match the new sized wheels. I went back into the waiting room to continue waiting.

After a bit, Steve was luck at Les Schwab. Not only were they not willing to trade, but they didn't even have a wheel in the size we needed. Being rather discouraged, Steve researched some more local places that might take the old wheels/tires...but had no luck.  Having no room for them in the truck, we ended up having to leave them at Guaranty for disposal.

It was just after 4:30 when John came into the waiting room...they'd be finished in about 15 minutes. Last fall we had them replace the tape on our large slider top. The edges have started to lift so they had to re-do it again. The repair required some time to dry so they brought the trailer back over to our camp spot with the slider slightly open. It would be fine to put in all of the way in the morning.

While extending our slides the large one they were working on was acting real stalling then moving rapidly. Great! We'll see in the morning if this is another problem that will delay us. I set up inside while Steve went over to pay our bill. Once back, he "powered us up" and put water in the fresh water tank in preparation for leaving in the morning.

Picture time...these are our old wheels and tires. Load Range E...

...and these are the new ones. Goodyear (G114) 215/75R 17.5" Load Range H, Speed rating 75 MPH

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