Sunday, November 24, 2013 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, California)

As I sit in my recliner with a cup of coffee this morning, sunshine is breaking through the clouds and streaming through the window beside me! It makes it a little hard to see the screen of my laptop...but I'm not complaining...come on sunshine!!

We did a little work this morning...Steve washed the outside of the trailer windows while I did the dishes and cleaned up inside. Then he unloaded the ATVs while I washed the windows inside. With that done, we loaded the garbage and recycling onto our quads and headed to the garbage bins near the entrance. On our way, we stopped to talk with Ann and Armand who were on their way to see us. They welcomed us back and invited us down to their place for happy hour this afternoon.

After dropping the garbage off, we went for a short ride, basically taking the long way back home and then decided to get the chairs out and sit in the sunshine.

We sat for a bit and then I got a little restless, so decided I needed to get a little exercise and go out for a walk. Steve decided to join me...

On our way back, we stopped to say hi to Wolf and Marge...they have quite a set up. They too, welcomed us back. This is the spot where Thanksgiving Dinner was held last year. We were invited again this year, but decided to take up Dennis and Charlene's invitation to join them at a gathering in Bouse, AZ.

Back from our walk, we sat outside...I was reading and Steve was just relaxing. After a bit, Steve decided to go inside and take care of some things he wanted to do on the laptop.

At 4:00 we strapped our chairs onto our quads and headed down to Armand and Ann\s and joined everyone down there for happy hour. We were welcomed back by the the group and enjoyed chatting with them for about an hour or so before everyone headed home. It gets pretty chilly once the sun goes down!

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