Monday, November 11, 2013 (Travel to Wine Ridge RV Resort, Pahrump, Nevada)

Happy Remembrance Day

Today is the day we would like to remember and thank all those that are currently serving and those that have served for keeping us safe and free...and especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

We weren't in a hurry this morning since we had a fairly short drive today...less that 2 hours to Pahrump, Nevada.  And it's a good thing, because there were just as many RVs, if not more, heading out today!

It was just after 9:00 when we left our site, passed a line up of RVs at the sani-dump in the campground and headed to the sani-dump just outside of the campground...and got in line...we were fifth in line.
About a half hour later we were on the highway leaving the Furnace Creek area...and eventually Death Valley National Park. Such a breathtakingly beautiful place!  There were lots of areas that we didn't see...another time, I guess. It would be great if we could off-load our quads and ride them on the gravel 4x4 roads.  Jeeps are allowed but not ATV's...sheesh! They do have Jeep rentals available but we have to watch our budget after blowing it on our Alaska trip.

We had an uneventful drive, stopping in Amargosa Valley for a break.

We arrived in Pahrump and Wine Ridge RV Resort shortly after 11:00.

We checked in and were given site 519.  All sites are gravel...and with the exception of one row, all are back-in. Although they don't advertise it, they accept Passport America membership so our nightly cost is only $12 for full hook-ups. It's a beautiful resort with 2 pools and 2 spas, laundry, clubhouse, fitness room, pickleball and badminton courts, RV wash area, free WiFi and there is a restaurant and winery on the property as well. While checking in, she mentioned that every Wednesday the chef from the restaurant next door prepares dinner for a gathering in the clubhouse, serving wine from their winery as well.  And the cost is only $10/person. Sounded good to us, so we signed up.  Well, that means we are definitely staying at least 3 nights.

We got leveled off and unhitch and did our usual set up.  I was looking over the information we received upon check in and I noticed on the "weekly activities" sheet that there was an ATV tag-along ride tomorrow morning. Just to make sure it was still on and that it was okay to off-load our quads at our site, I walked up to the office to get more info.  Yes, the ride was on...just meet at the gravel lot across from the resort office...and yes, it is okay to off-load our quads at our site...sweet!

Steve off-loaded the quads while I finished up my work inside. This is the second private RV park that we have been at where they offer ATV rides as a planned weekly activity...very cool!

It was around 3:00 when we headed into Pahrump to pick up a few things at Walmart and fuel up with diesel, as well as get gas for the quads. When we passed the Nugget Casino, we noticed an ad on the bill board saying that the buffet was only $5/person today for Veterans Day. So after we had finished all of our errands, we went to the Nugget for an early dinner. It wasn't the best buffet, but for the price, it was well worth it.

After dinner, we wandered around this small casino and tried a few slots. We both only donated $5 this time, instead our usual $20, and then decided that we had had enough of the smokey environment.

We are quite excited about the quad ride tomorrow. All we know about it is that we are to "meet at the gravel area in front of the office in your ATV. Don will guide you on trails around the area. Meet at 9:30"...sounds good to us!


  1. We had stayed at that RV Park in the passed. It use to be called Charleston Peaks. It was a Coast to Coast resort. Our border collie loved to run the trails in the desert. Enjoy the ride.