Thursday, November 3, 2011 (Travel day to Meteor Crater, Winslow, AZ)

It was a cold night...I think the furnace ran most of the night.  It was 24F/-5C when we got up this morning.  Brrrr...Steve`s going to have a cold pack up outside!

We had the trailer all packed up when we walked over to say goodbye to Dave and Jan.  They too were heading out today, going to Bullhead City.  We let them get hitched up and leave before we backed the truck in to hook-up...rather than making them wait for us since we would block the road.

Before leaving the campground, we stopped at the sani-dump...Steve took this picture of an icicle at the water tap....

We left Chinle heading south on highway 191 to Interstate 40 where we took the west on-ramp...towards Flagstaff.  The drive today was longer than we had expected...for some reason when I check with Serena the other day, she indicated that it was about an hour and a half.  Well, it was more like 2 hours and 40 minutes...and since we hadn`t packed a lunch, we decided to stop at Denny`s in the small town of Holbrook. 
We gained an hour today...apparently the north eastern section of Arizona goes on daylight savings time while the rest of Arizona doesn’t (they always stay on regular time). 
Our destination, Meteor Crater RV Park, is about 20 miles west of Winslow, Arizona.  We pulled in around 2:00 and after registering, proceeded to site #14.  We would have full hook-ups along with Wi-Fi while here.  We got all levelled off and un-hitched and then I went to work on the inside while Steve worked outside.  Before moving all the furniture out, I gave the place a good vacuuming...wanting to get rid of any remnants left behind from Mr. Mickey. 
After we were finished with all of our chores, we set our chairs up outside in the late afternoon sunshine and toasted our new location with a cocktail.  We didn’t last too long out there though; it got pretty chilly once we lost the sun.
We don’t like the look of the forecast for the next few days...a cold front with strong winds, rain and that “S-word”, yes the possibility of snow...sheesh!  We plan on going to see Meteor Crater tomorrow...and then depending on the weather, continue towards the Phoenix area the day after.

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