Saturday, November 5, 2011(Meteor Crater RV Park, Winslow, AZ)

Well, the wind woke us up this 5:00 a.m.!  Steve finally got up and put the coffee on...not often that he is out of bed before me!  And wind was the order of the day again even seemed worse than yesterday!  The trees are really taking a beating...

We really needed to go into Winslow (about 20 miles east on I-40) to get groceries...and beer and know, the essentials!  We held off for awhile hoping the wind would die down but no instead of worrying about how the sliders on the trailer were managing in the wind, we decided to just put them in.  A bit of a pain having to move the furniture, but at least it wasn’t like we were moving anywhere...we just had to get stuff “out of the way”.
We headed out late morning...our first stop was the Super-Walmart where I picked up most of our groceries.  We then went to Safeway for fresh veggies, fruit and meat.  After fuelling up at a Maverick Station (they seem to have the best price...$3.87/gallon), we headed back to the RV Park. 
Once home, we thought we would hitch-up before we put the sliders back out...we are leaving tomorrow.  Hopefully, the wind will have died down by then.  After that was all done, we put the sliders out and got things straightened out inside.  I put groceries away and made lunch while Steve was outside in the cold and wind flushing the black-water tank...another task when we have full hook-ups and in preparation for leaving tomorrow.
With all the “chores” done, we sat down and tried to figure out where to go tomorrow.  We want to head south out of these storms that are coming through...but how far do we need to go to some warmth?  We decided on Dead Horse Ranch State Park which is south of Sedona and east of Prescott.  It looks like we have to travel up into the mountains around Flagstaff and then when we head south, we will go down to a lower elevation.  This is important because the weather warnings seem to be for snow in the higher elevations...over 6000 feet...we are currently at 5000 feet; Flagstaff is over 7000 feet; and Cottonwood (where the State Park is) is 4300 feet.  Although the temps are not all that great in Cottonwood, at least there is no snow in the forecast!
Dennis and Suzanne (my brother and sister-in-law) called us via Skype...they are currently in Las Vegas but leaving for Laughlin in the morning and didn’t know if they would have internet, so wanted to touch bases with us before they left.  Safe travels, Dennis and Suzanne!
The wind died down late this afternoon...thank goodness!  But it was forecast to be a cold night...with a low of 26F...brrrrr!
Well, two weeks from today we will be basking in the sun at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!  I trust we will at least find some warmth there! 

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