Monday, October 31, 2011 (Goosenecks State Park, Mexican Hat, Utah)

Another beautiful sunrise this morning...just spectacular!  And I have such a good view of it through all the windows as I sit in my recliner.
I found some droppings on the kitchen floor left by our unwanted guest, so Steve now believes me.  We are going to have to get a mouse trap as soon as we can!
After exercises and breakfast, we were ready to head out for our quad ride.  We drove about 6 miles to the base of the mountain where we parked in a spot by the entrance to Valley of the Gods.  We got out and started to unstrap the ATV`s when I asked Steve if he had the keys...OH DARN! (well, not exactly the words Steve used)  Okay, do the straps back up...and back we go to the trailer.  We have decided to keep the keys with our helmets from now on!
About 30 minutes later we were back continuing our unloading of the quads and getting ready for our ride.  Before going on the 17 mile ride through the Valley of the Gods, we were going to continue up the mountain and see if we could find Muley Point. 
What a view as we drove the many switchbacks up the narrow, gravel road...we could certainly see why large trucks and RV`s were prohibited from driving this stretch of the highway!  At the top, we took the first road that went left towards the canyon edge.  We never found any signs advising us we were going to Muley Point..just a sign saying no unlicensed vehicles beyond this point so we took a trail off to the left that wound around the canyon edge.  Great views...

The trail ended up looping back to the main road...bonus...we didn`t want to have to retrace our path.  That had been a good we will head back down the mountain.  We stopped many times on the way down and Steve took lots of pictures...

Once back at the truck, we topped up the fuel tanks before continuing on with our sightseeing.  What a great ride through The Valley of the Gods!  As usual, we stopped many times for pictures...the formations are quite incredible...

We rode the 17 miles of gravel road to the end, turned around and had a much faster ride was around 4:30 when we arrived back at the truck.  We had had a great day!  After loading the quads back in the truck, we headed home.
As we arrived back at Goosenecks, we could see that all of the other campers had left...our 5th wheel was sitting alone on the edge of the canyon.  The visitor’s area was quite full, though...lots of tourists with their cameras taking pictures as the sun started to get lower in the sky.
One thing that amazed us while here is the amount of people that walked thru our campsite instead around us. Some people would ask first but proceed before getting an answer!
We decided to get the trailer all hooked up less thing to do in the morning.  After doing that and cleaning up a few things, we sat down to watch our last sunset at Goosenecks State Park.
To see all pictures taken today, please go to our web album...Moki Dugway and Valley of the Gods Ride

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