Monday, November 7, 2011 (Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, AZ)

As predicted, it rained throughout the night and was raining off and on when we decided to get up...very early again.  I think it we are having a hard time adjusting to the time change.  As if it wasn’t bad enough getting up around we’re waking up around 5:00!  Sheesh!

We had our usual leisurely start to the day and then decided we should get on with it...we did our resistance exercises, had breakfast and once all showered, we were ready.   Hmmm...not really very nice looking out there but it wasn’t raining (at the moment) so we thought we would off-load the bikes and go for a bike ride. 
We were just about ready to head out for a ride when our neighbour from across the road came over for a chat.  Mark and his wife, Bev, are full-timers from Comox, BC...small world!  They have a big Class A motorhome and tow an SUV.  They stop here on their way down to Mesa every year.  He gave us some suggestions on things to do and see in the area and then after ‘see ya later‘, it started to much for our bike ride!   We retreated inside for about a half hour and when that big black cloud had passed over; we thought we would give it another try.  This is a picture of a an old log house that is in the park...

We ended up going for a short bike ride before another big black cloud decided to dump more rain...luckily we got back inside just in time. much for trying to go for a nice long bike ride!
With such unpredictable weather, we decided to drive into Cottonwood to a locksmith so that we could get a key made.  One of the keys that opens up the storage compartments in the trailer broke...and since we only had one left, we thought we had better get extras made up.  After looking up the address for a locksmith, we ended up in Old Town Cottonwood...lots of antique stores, shops and restaurants.  A rather unique area...particularly the locksmith shop...felt like we walked into a hoarders shop but we got our keys made and then thought we would take a walk along the main street.

Our next errand was to see if we could find a new watch for Steve...since it had decided to stop working.  Now, the watch Steve likes is not just a normal watch...he likes the Casio one with a databank in it.  He can store phone numbers in it and it has a calculator too.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this type of watch is very popular anymore due to all of the smartphones now available.  After trying three different luck.
It was mid afternoon by the time we got still wasn’t particularly nice out, so we had a bowl of soup and settled inside for the rest of the day.  I managed to get our blog updated...on a very inconsistent, slow internet connection (but at least I have a signal!).
Steve went outside, put some water in our freshwater tank and then disconnected the water hose...the forecast for tonight is a low of 26F/-3C.  It’s going to be clear and cold tonight but sunny tomorrow (although not very warm).

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