Sunday, October 30, 2011 (Goosenecks State Park, Mexican Hat, Utah)

I got up at 6:00 this morning...just couldn`t get back to sleep after laying there for over a half hour.  I had just put the coffee on and had sat down on the couch when I saw a tiny furry thing with a long tail scurry out from behind the recliners going towards the kitchen....YIKES...we have a mouse in the trailer!  STEVE!!!  Poor just not allowed to sleep in.  He got up...but we couldn`t find the little critter...we`ll have to wait until it`s light out so that we can take a good look (didn`t want to turn on all the lights and waste all that battery power).  All I can say is...SHEESH!
There was another beautiful sunrise this morning...Steve took pictures through the window...

We headed out about 10:00...thought that we would continue down the highway beyond the turnoff for Goosenecks to Muley Point.  We made it to the base of the mountain where there  were a bunch of warning signs advising big trucks and RV’s were prohibited...a very twisty, windy gravel road...well, ok, we won’t be going any further.  At that point there was also a turnoff to an area called Valley of the Gods.  It was also a gravel road so we turned around...we are going to bring the quads out here tomorrow and take them on the gravel roads...and see the sights!
Now we thought we would head into the small town of Mexican gets its name from a rock formation on the edge of town...Mexican Hat Rock...

We were looking for a place to fill our propane tank but unfortunately could find one...we were just about to turn around when Steve saw a mileage sign for Monument you want to go?  So we continued on for another 20 miles.  Monument Valley is on the border of Utah and Arizona with the Visitors Centre and main sightseeing area in Arizona.
Crossing the San Juan River in Mexican Hat...

We went through the Centre taking in all the displays.  There was also a gift shop, restaurant and hotel.  After wandering through the gift shop, we went out onto the deck overlooking the valley and took pictures...

After we were finished at the Visitors Centre we walked back to the parking lot where the tour information kiosks were...we thought we might take a tour out on the 17 mile loop that goes out for a closer look at the formations.  Small vehicles are allowed to drive the dirt road but we were way too big.  However, it was pretty pricey...$75 each was a little rich for us. 

On the other side of the highway from the entrance to the Park, is the town of Goulding...the sign said they had propane, so we decided to go there and get the tank filled. 
We arrived back home just before 2:00...time for a late lunch...and then some R`n`R.  It was much quieter here today...not the constant stream of sightseer’s coming and going as there had been yesterday.  I decided that I needed a little cardio exercises so I went for a powerwalk along the road...10 minutes and then turned around.  Although only a 20 minute walk, there was an incline in both directions so it got my heart rate up.  Unfortunately, my knee didn’t really care for the workout.  It’s getting better, though...I just have to baby it a bit.
There wasn’t quite as spectacular of a sunset tonight...there weren’t any clouds to light up.  We had our usual evening really cools down quickly once the sun goes down.  We have decided to spend one more day here...tomorrow we are going to take out the ATV’s and do some sightseeing.
By the sign of Mickey (mouse) today..Steve thinks I was just imagining it.

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