Thursday, November 17, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

As I mentioned yesterday, today is laundry day...and there was a mountain of it!  Steve loaded the 4 big bags of laundry onto the back of the truck...he is going to drop me off at the laundry room on his way to fill up one of the propane tanks. 

The laundry room has six double-load washing machines and dryers.  The other day when we checked it out, there was no one using them...but not so today!  All six machines were in use when I arrived...figures!  I tucked my bags of laundry in a corner and wandered outside and over to the clubhouse.  I returned to the laundry room just in time...another lady had arrived with her laundry and was about to butt in front of me...she wasn’t very happy when she saw me return!
It’s one thing waiting for a washing machine but the dryers are totally different because the time required to dry the clothes really that means, I’m finished with a washer...but now have to wait for a dryer...sheesh!  Consequently, the laundry seemed to take forever...
Once a couple of bags of clean laundry were ready, Steve carried them back to the trailer and returned wearing his bathing suit.  He brought me a bottle of water and then continued to the pool. 
Once the last of the laundry was done, I walked it back to the trailer and quickly changed into my suit.  I am going to join Steve at the pool...ahh...beautiful!

That's Steve sunning on the lounge chair...

After about an hour, our stomachs started to we headed home for lunch.   Also time to put the clean laundry away.  We made a quick trip back to Target to pick up the missing items from yesterdays shopping trip....and that was basically it for the day.
Tomorrow we want to spend some more time by the pool but first of all we will have to get our suitcases packed...and things all lined up in the 5th wheel before we put it into storage on Saturday morning.

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