Monday, October 10, 2011 (Bombi Summit, Castlegar, BC)

I spent two very busy weeks split between Victoria and Vancouver and as I landed back in Castlegar, I just couldn`t believe how quickly it had gone.  But I was ready to meet back up with Steve and our home...anxious to continue our adventures.

I’ll just recap the past couple of weeks...
We arrived at Steve’s hunting area where Don Frew had already scouted out a good spot large enough for our rig.  It was an open area off the highway at the Bombie Summit, about 15 minutes southeast of Castlegar.  This would be Steve’s hunting camp for the next couple of weeks while I was back at the coast.  Don also brought his trailer and set up camp with Steve.  Jim Birnie would be arriving Wednesday from the Island. 
Steve dropped me off at the Castlegar airport early Sunday morning (September 25th) flight left 9:20 a.m. arriving in Victoria (via Vancouver) at noon.  This is a picture of Castlegar taken from a lookout off Highway 3...the airport is on the righthand side...

I spent the next 5 days busy with lunch and dinner dates catching up with friends...with a dentist and doctor appointment thrown in as well.  On Thursday, I took an afternoon ferry/bus to Vancouver where Chris (son) picked me up.  After spending the night with Chris, my very close friend (and cousin-in-law), Glenna picked me up for our annual “girl’s getaway weekend”.  It was great catching up with Glenna but we missed Bev, who usually joins us.  She was not feeling well so bowed out this year. After a weekend of fabulous food and wine...and shopping (actually more wandering the shops that buying anything)...we said our goodbyes, both looking forward to next year.
Chris picked me up and we had a relaxing Sunday afternoon before heading to my brother’s place for dinner.  We had a nice visit with Don and Rhonda along with a delicious dinner and then headed back to Chris’ place and called it an early night...both warn out from our weekend.  I spent Sunday and Monday night visiting Chris and then he dropped me off at the bus station Tuesday morning on his way to work.  I was looking forward to seeing my brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Suzanne (and Dunkin’) who were visiting from Oliver.  Dennis picked me up at the ferry.
I had a great visit with Dennis and Suzanne before they headed home to Oliver (on Thursday) ...they are heading south in their motorhome next month so we plan on connecting with them somewhere in Arizona.
The last few days of my visit home was spent with Angie...and Rob in the evenings.  I really enjoyed spending time with Angie...we wandered through the shops in Sidney, cooked up a storm of “comfort food”...and basically just enjoyed our time together.
Alas, it was time to head back to Castlegar and meet back up with Steve.  I had a wonderful visit back home but I was ready to get back so Steve and I could start the next “leg” of our travels.
Steve picked me up at the Castlegar Airport yesterday (Sunday) afternoon and we headed back to the Bombi Summit where we were camped.  I was amazed at how the trees had changed colour in the 2 weeks I was away...from just a leaf or two turning all leaves on all the trees in varying colours of yellow.  It really changed the look of the countryside.
Steve enjoyed his time with his hunting buddies...both new and old...but was unsuccessful in getting an elk.  Which is just fine...for him, with our new lifestyle, hunting is more about spending time out with the guys than actually getting game (at least that is what he says).
I chose to take a complete hiatus from writing and picture taking while I was I have no pictures...other than one taken when out for lunch with my best work buddies.  Gwen, Delcie, Lynn and I worked together for years (and years) and we all retired within a year of each other.  BC Assessment suffered a huge turnover in their Human Resources Department that year!
Steve took a number of pictures of his hunting trip...we'll post them at a later date, so stay tuned for them...

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