Saturday, October 22, 2011 (Horsethief BLM Campground, Moab, Utah)

Although dark when we got up, we watched as the sun gradually came up revealing the start of another beautiful day...awesome!
We had decided to go into Moab today to get propane, diesel, gas, a few groceries and to see if we could find a Yamaha dealer that would be able to service our ATV’s.  This is major ATV and 4-wheeling country and they are due for servicing so we really should get them taken care of before we go out on them.
It was a half hour drive into a very busy town...obviously a major tourist area with tons of shops, restaurants, hotels and adventure-tour companies dotting the main road.  Our first stop was at the Visitors Centre...on the corner of Main and Center Streets.  We got directions to Moab Powersports and found out how to get non-resident ATV turns out they normally sell them at the Visitors Centre but did not have any left so we would have to buy them on-line and print off the temporary permits (the actual permits will be mailed to our home address).  The local library had computers for public use as well as a we would have to go there later.
Moab Powersports was further south along Main Street...they could service the quads today...sweet!  We offloaded them and as Steve was talking to TJ about an issue with a slight leak in the rear axle, TJ said that it could be a warranty issue and offered to contact Yamaha.  Of course, that couldn’t be simple...when he entered our ATV info onto the Yamaha website, it did not recognize our extended warranty registration.  TJ then called Duncan Motorsports where we purchased the quads, to ensure they had registered the extended warranty...they would have to call back. 
I took the opportunity to borrow a phone and call TracPhone about getting the International Calling feature working on our new phone.  It’s called "International Neighbours" and is supposed to allow us to phone family and friends in Canada without any long distance charges...and vice-versa...a number is connected to our phone that would enable them to call us.  Of course, again, it can’t be easy...I was on the phone almost a half hour trying to get it set up.  I will have to call back in 24 hours to see if it has been activated.
Duncan Motorsports still hadn’t called back but we left TJ to get started on the servicing...we were going to go have lunch.  Moab Microbrewery had been recommended...sounds good to us!  I took the laptop into the restaurant and was able to check email and let family and friends know where we were by posting our whereabouts on Facebook.  After a delicious lunch, we headed off to find the library to use their computer and printer and get our Utah ATV permits.  That went smoothly and we were soon off to continue with the rest of our errands.
We fuelled up with diesel...$3.88/gallon...the cheapest so far...and we actually found there to be a bit more competition here with prices posted varying from $3.88 to $4.00/gallon at the stations.  Steve filled a couple of gas containers as well and we also filled the propane tank...there...all errands taken care of with the exception of the groceries we wanted to get.  That will be the last thing we do before we head back to our campground.
We went back to Moab Powersports to see if they had heard back from Duncan Motorsports regarding our extended warranty...they hadn’t and TJ had just left for lunch (now, that’s a late was almost 3pm by this time).  Steve wanted to talk to TJ so we waited out in the truck.  I grabbed the laptop and we called both Chris and Rob via Skype...after chatting with them, we tried Steve’s sister, Nadine, but there was no answer.  We hadn’t really expected to get through to them but thought we would try...they are probably away on a vacation on the east coast.  We had wanted to call them last week but when we tried using the TracPhone...the International calling hadn’t worked (that’s why I was trying to get it set up earlier).
After our phone calls, Steve went back into Moab Powersports...TJ was back...they still hadn’t heard from Duncan Motorsports so they were going to call them back.  As it turned out, they had the wrong number so didn’t call back. Apparently there is a number in Toronto that they have to call for Canadian warranty verification.  Too late to do so now, so our quads will not be ready until Tuesday now...oh well...
We stopped at City Market for our groceries and then headed back to our campground.  On our way, we stopped at the entrance to Arches National Park and picked up some info on the park...we plan on exploring that park in the next day or two. 
Once we turned off highway 191 onto 313 to Canyonlands, we stopped at three viewpoints along the way to take pictures...what an incredible area...
The Monitor and The Merrimac

Those are the La Sal Mountains in the background
It was after 5pm by the time we got home.  Steve gassed-up the generator while I put the groceries away.  We relaxed outside with a drink as the sun got lower in the really cools down quickly as it goes down.  So it wasn’t long before we headed inside to watch the evening news.  After such a big lunch, we had a light dinner (I actually had the other half of my lunch) and then settled in for the evening to watch TV.
Tomorrow we are going to drive over to Dead Horse Point State Park and see if we can get in there for a few nights. We need water so we can shower!

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