Tuesday, October 18, 2011 (Travel to Palisade State Park, Sterling, Utah)

It was a frosty morning out there this morning...but the sky was clear and it was going to be a great day for travelling.  Ice fell from one of the slider awnings as we were getting the trailer ready to leave...   Steve also slipped on the icy stairs as he left the trailer...giving his back a good smack...he`s going to have a big bruise...and be very sore...not good, particularly given his history of back problems.

We pulled out of Golden Spike RV Park at 9:30 and into the Flying J Station right next door to fuel up before hitting the Interstate.  We drove up to the truckers pumps and as usual, I went inside with my credit card (we gave up trying to use our Canadian card at the pumps long ago).  After telling the clerk which pump we were at, she said that those were the commercial pumps and the diesel is 6 cents/gallon more due to taxes...but the regular diesel is at the pump just before it.  Apparently some RVer`s don`t care and pay the extra...Steve backed the rig up about 6 feet to the regular pump...to where diesel was $4.04/gallon...but with our Flying J membership, we received a 3 cent/gallon discount. The cheapest diesel so far has been $4.00 per gallon. Gas is about 0.50 cents cheaper per gallon and there doesn`t seem to be the same competition between stations as we experienced the last time we were south.
By the time we had filled both tanks, it was shortly after 10am by the time we were on I-15 south...such a glorious day to be on the road! 

We were just south of Salt Lake City when we came upon road construction...and this wasn`t just a little repaving job...it was major construction!  We went thru miles and miles....we figured it must have been about 40 miles of narrow lanes often with no shoulder...the cement barrier right up against the lane, leaving no room for error.  There was uneven pavement and narrow lanes as the freeway switched from the old to the new parts...with no warning signs...and all with the construction speed of 55 mph (90 kph).  All of the bouncing was certainly not good for the truck and trailer, let alone Steve`s back as he kept control of the rig.

It must have been about an hour and a half by the time we got through it all...and it was after 12-noon by this time, so we took an exit off the freeway at Payson and pulled into a Walmart parking lot.  As we walked into Walmart (to use the restrooms...after all of that bouncing, we both were bursting), poor Steve could hardly walk...his back was so sore. He thinks he may have bruised a kidney.
After eating our packed lunch, Steve took a Tylenol and we hit the road again.  We had just over an hour to go to our destination.  A short distance further down the Interstate, we exited to take Utah highway 28 south...it was a much nicer drive than the Interstate.

We arrived at Palisade State Park just after 2pm.  At this time of year, there was no one manning the gate, instead all campers were to select their site and use the self-registration envelopes to pay.  There were very few campers...about 4 in total.  Instead of a site in the full hook-up area (which was up on the hillside), we chose a site right down on the lake front.  It is a large double pull-through site but at this time of year, I don`t think it matters that we took it. 

Our view....just beautiful...

We filled up with water at the tap that was just at the entrance to the site and then pulled right in to get set up.  We decided not to unhitch from the truck and being level side-to­-side and front-to-back...all was good! 
Today was the second time in all the set-ups of the satellite that Steve hit a signal right-on...no searching. He came into the trailer to set up the receiver for tuning the dish and voila...we had a picture. Thinking he could get a better signal than 75 he decided to adjust the dish and made it worse...75 was the best we were going to get.
All set up, I walked back to the park entrance to pay while Steve changed into his shorts...he was sitting enjoying the sunshine when I got back.  It was almost 5pm by this time, so I quickly changed, poured myself a glass of wine and joined him...ahhh....sunshine...perfect!  It`s supposed to be nice the rest of the week. 
At this point, we think we will stay 3 nights and then continue onto Moab...but we`ll see...

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