Monday, October 17, 2011 (Golden Spike RV Park, Brigham City, Utah)

Steve was up bright and early this morning...5:30 am but awake since 3:30 am quite annoyed that he wasn’t able to sleep in after being so tired last night.  He found the area to be noisy...highway traffic, garbage trucks, trains...and me...he accused me of snoring...HA...lies!!  Mind you, I have been having some sinus issues since my return from Victoria.

Our day was pretty darned lazy...just as planned.  We did do our resistance exercises and then around noon we thought we should get outside and go for a walk.  There really isn’t anyplace to walk other than around the campground and then onto the busy surrounding streets.  But we had a good 30 minute walk...I took a couple of pictures of the is a beautiful sunny day...15C/60F...

Back at the RV, I decided to take advantage of the laundry room and put on a couple of loads while Steve washed the truck windshield and then ‘‘lubed‘‘ the  sliders on the trailer. During trips back and forth to the laundry, I worked on our a matter of fact that was pretty much all I did for the rest of the day.  But I was successful and had the journal posted with pictures by the end of the day.
We were trying to decide whether to spend more time in the Salt Lake City area but after Steve did some research, we decided to continue to south eastern Utah.  Our destination for tomorrow is Palisade State Park...which is a good halfway mark to the Moab area.  We have been following the website for years and they review all the campgrounds they have stayed at.  That’s how we found Palisade State Park...and our interest in the whole Moab, Utah area.  Its great being able to find out good spots to go...and camp.
We are looking forward to continuing further into southern Utah tomorrow...

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