Thursday, September 22, 2011 (Pair-a-Dice RV Park, Creston, BC)

Well, as I expected...I didn’t have a great sleep last night. The news about our reservations being cancelled had me very worried.  I was awake shortly after 3:30 and tossed and turned and was about to get up at 4:30 when I actually fell back to sleep.  I got up just before 6am...a little more of a civilized time to get up!

I thought that the RCI offices opened at 7am but I was wrong...I had to wait until 8am...that last hour was torture.  What are we going to do if our reservations are cancelled and we can’t get a room?  That week is the American Thanksgiving holiday after all!   I finally spoke to a rep shortly after make a very long story short, there had been an issue with my credit card information and it had been rejected.  Apparently RCI had tried to get in touch with us...hmmmm...why hadn’t they tried an email?  They were certainly fast enough acknowledging and confirming our reservation by email when I made it.  Yes, indeed, our reservation had been cancelled and now there was no inventory available at that resort for the dates we required.  The primary reason we are going is to spend some time with Steve’s uncle and aunt and that is the resort they are going to be at.  Well, move on...the rep cannot do anything about it...let’s see if there is another resort available for those dates.  There ended up being one resort with the check-in/out dates we required, so I immediately confirmed.  The one-bedroom unit that had been cancelled was now “on-hold” with someone else and the RCI rep suggested that we book something else rather than wait to see if the other unit is released.  So, we confirmed at the other resort but I am going to keep checking the website to see if by chance the other resort becomes available.  Should it become available, I have until tomorrow night at 8pm to cancel the new resort. Can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t bothered to check our account on their website?  I thought it was a done-deal after all...I had printed off my confirmation and was good to go.
I had a work day today...I had promised Steve that I would make some lasagne and a couple of other meals and put them in the freezer for his hunting trip.  So I spent the morning between checking the RCI website. Steve kept busy cleaning the truck windows....talking to the neighbours and checking the RV batteries to see if they needed topping up.  He also finished his "map project" and downloaded a google earth map of the area that he will be hunting...he is definitely getting into "hunting mode"!
After making lasagne, chilli and prawn linguine along with a bunch of hamburger patties...the freezer was stocked...and that was the morning shot.  Now it was time for laundry.  There are 2 washers/dryers available here in the RV Park.  Unfortunately, someone else had beaten me to them so I was able to get started on the laundry until about 2pm.
Throughout the entire day, I checked the website very frequently on the chance that the one-bedroom unit would become available at the resort we were after....and nothing.  Steve had just poured me a glass of wine shortly after 4pm when I thought I would check one last time...I wasn’t even going to bother...but I’m really glad I did because low and behold...there it was!  I immediately put a "hold" on it and phoned RCI. 
The day ended well...we’re right back to the original resort we had booked into in Cabo San Lucas...the other resort that we had booked was only about 3kms away but it would not have been the same without being in the same resort as the rest of the people we were going with.
With the laundry all done, I finally sat down outside with Steve to enjoy a cocktail.  Ahhh....what a day!
Tomorrow we leave for Steve’s "hunting camp" near Castlegar.  I am 99.9% sure we will not have any internet connection there so this will be my last entry on our travel blog until I return from Victoria. 
Steve is very excited and looking forward to his time with Jim hunting elk for the first time under the direction of a former hunting guide, Don.  I am really looking forward to my time on the Coast visiting with Rob and Angie and catching up with my former work buddies and a side-trip over to Vancouver to spend some time with Chris as well as restoring my annual "girls get-away" with very special people. 
I will be back on October 9th...stay tuned!  Almost time to head south!

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