Thursday, September 15, 2011 (Fort Steele Resort & RV Park, Fort Steele, BC)

As the sun came up over the mountains this morning, it didn’t look too bad was mainly clear, just a bit chilly.  Steve headed outside at about 8:30 to get started on the final side of the truck that needed waxing.  Me...well, I’m somewhat slower and hadn’t had my shower yet...but I decided it could wait.  I’ll get myself presentable and head out to help.

After about an hour I had finished my part and headed back inside to have my shower...leaving Steve to finish up.  After my shower, I got dressed in shorts and when I came out of the bedroom, I thought...where the heck did the sun go?  Well...yes, perfect timing...everything is all cleaned (and waxed) it’s time for the clouds and rain to set in.  It wasn’t long before I was changing back to long pants and sleeves.
I found out on the Purolator Tracking website that our ShawDirect receiver was “On vehicle for delivery via Cranbrook, BC depot”...yay, that means it should be delivered to the dealer in Cranbrook sometime today and we should be able to leave tomorrow.  I walked up to the office to pay for one more night...that will make it 9 nights here.  Well, we made good use of our time and got lots of overdue work done.
It had clouded right over and was darned cold didn’t go over 14c/58f today.  Now that is a big change from the high 20’s/70’s we had been enjoying.  It also decided to rain a bit...oh well, we’re not going anywhere today and with the weather forecast better for tomorrow, we should be good to go.
We sat inside pretty well all day...watching TV while I was on the computer.  Steve did go outside for a bit later in the afternoon to load the bikes back onto the rack and fill the fresh-water tank.  We plan on going to Moyie Lake Provincial Park for a few hook-ups there.
Shortly after 4pm, Caroline from Big Picture AVU called to say that our receiver had just been delivered...finally!  They open at 9:30 so we will be there to pick it up first thing tomorrow.  Steve had also called the bank in Cranbrook to find that his replacement credit card had arrived at their branch on Tuesday but they had our old phone number on file.  Hmmmm...this after Steve making sure they had the right number when we had been there last Monday.  Oh well, it is there now so we will also pick it up first thing in the morning.
We plan on getting up early tomorrow morning and getting everything all packed up before heading into Cranbrook.  Then when we get back we’ll just have to get hitched up and we’ll be on our way to Moyie Lake Provincial Park...all of about a 40 minute drive.
P.S. I decided to get today's journal written and posted was a pretty quiet afternoon and besides, who knows if we are going to have any internet service at Moyie Lake.

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