Monday, September 5, 2011 (Crowsnest Mountain Resort, Coleman, AB)

We decided to have a “down” day after two full days of quad riding.  I settled into my recliner with my laptop and coffee to get working on our journal.  I hadn’t had a chance to work on it for the last couple of days.

I worked on the journal for awhile and then Steve asked if I had booked our flights yet...oh yeah, I should do that. I decided to go grab our passports to ensure I have the proper spelling of Steve’s name (Stefan) and that is when I had a complete meltdown...I couldn’t find them!!  I am very particular on keeping track of important documents like that...but they weren’t where they were supposed to be...where the heck were they?!!  I just felt sick...what had I done with them?  Steve went out and searched the storage compartment in the truck...nothing.  We hadn’t used them since returning to Canada March 31st...where were they?  We had put the trailer into storage when we went over to Victoria...hmmm...did I take them with us?  Maybe they were in the suitcase.  I was so anxious about them that Steve was good enough to go right out to the storage compartment and fish out the suitcase.  Ahhhhh.....and there they were, tucked away in one of the compartments....whew!!!  I was so relieved!

Now...back to why I’m booking flights...well, Steve and I have decided it’s time for a vacation!  Yeah, I know...too funny!  So when we found out that Steve’s uncle from Edmonton was going to Mexico for 2 weeks in November...well, we kind of invited ourselves along.  So we will be flying from Phoenix, AZ to Los Cabos, Mexico on November 19...spending one week at a resort in Cabo San Lucas and then the second week at another resort in San Jose del Cabo.   We are really looking forward to spending time with Gord and Esther and meeting their friends.

I did a couple of loads of laundry and other than working on our blog so we could share pictures of this beautiful area, we didn’t do anything else.  It was a nice relaxing day. 

We did go for a walk around the campground...and Steve took some pictures.  This is the lodge that is closed now...
They rent cabins...
I just love this looks so cool...this is Crowsnest Mountain...

We found Alf’s campsite—he is one of the fellows who had been with us on Saturday’s ride.  He and his wife Carol live in Lethbridge and have a seasonal site here.  We met a couple of their neighbours, chatted with them for a few minutes and then continued on our walk.
 It was a hot, windy day out but we thought we would sit outside for a bit and enjoy a cocktail before dinner.  After an hour of sun, we headed back inside...and that was pretty much it for the day.  We have decided to stay for one more night so that we can go explore the Frank Interpretive Centre tomorrow.

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