Friday, September 16, 2011 (Travel to Moyie Lake Provincial Park, BC)

I wanted to get up a tad bit earlier than usual this morning just because I prefer to sit with my coffee for a bit...and I knew that we would be getting an early start with packing up.  BUT I did not expect to be wide awake before 4:00 a.m.!  After tossing and turning...and not able to get back to sleep, I finally got up at 4:30...sheesh!
We were all packed by 9:00 so all we would have to do is get hitched up when we returned from Cranbrook.  Our first stop was at the bank to pick up Steve’s new card and then after a stop to pick up some flowers, we headed to Big Picture AVU.  Caroline had been so helpful in taking care of everything concerning our replacement receiver that we wanted to thank her...thus the flowers (what woman wouldn’t like a dozen roses?). 
With both of our errands finished, we headed back to the campground, stopping at the gas station on the way in to fill a gas container.  We were going to a Provincial Park and with no hook-ups, we will be using the generator and, of course, the generator will need gas. 
We were on our way by 10:30...with our ETA at Moyie Lake Provincial Park 11:12...Steve really likes these “long” travel days we’ve been having this summer.  We pretty well had our pick of any campsite in the campground (well almost)...there were only about 5 sites taken.  We pulled over by one site that was close to the lake.  But like most sites at Provincial Parks, they are well treed and we really wanted to be able to get a satellite signal.  So we left the truck and walked further along the loop to see if there was a site that was a little more open towards the southern sky.    The only other site we found was one that was open to the playground...not our choice but it may have to do.  When we got back to the truck...still trying to decide what to do...a motorhome that was in the double-site across the road left, so we thought we would go over and take a look at it.  It was a little more open and we just may be able to get a signal, so we thought we would give it a try. 
Steve backed in fairly easily and although this sounds funny, the first thing we decided to do was see if we could latch onto a satellite signal.  It was a bit of a challenge but after moving the dish a few times (which required levelling the tripod every time), we managed to get a fairly strong signal...yay!  So we put the sliders back in and then continued to get levelled off and unhitched. 
We have a lovely spot here...a satellite signal...but NO cell or internet service...darn!  The park attendant said that if we go down to the beach area, we may be able to get enough of a cell signal to send texts.  So after we were all set up, we decided to go for a walk...holy cats, it was windy!  I did manage to latch onto a signal and sent the boys a text but I must say it was a very “fleeting” signal, there one second and gone the next. 

One thing that was nice with it being so windy was that our site was fairly sheltered...even with being so close to the lake.  The thick foliage blocked the wind quite nicely...but you sure could hear the wind up top in the trees. Steve got a campfire’s been awhile since we have had one of those!  But there has been a definite temperature change from last week, so it was nice to warm up in front of a campfire. 
We headed inside at around 6:30...time to have some dinner and then hunker down for the evening to watch TV.  After falling asleep on the couch, I headed to bed fairly early...the lack of sleep last night finally caught up with me.

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