Tuesday, September 13, 2011 (Fort Steele Resort & RV Park, Fort Steele, BC)

This morning we didn’t have to rush...it was nice to have a leisurely start to the day enjoying our coffee.  Mind you, I was still up before 6am.  I still find it interesting that I get up earlier now that we are retired than I did when I had to get up to go to work. 

After sitting in our recliners drinking coffee and watching the BCTV morning news...and writing yesterday’s blog...it was time to get moving...we had to leave for Cranbrook before 10:00.  So we did our resistance exercises, showered and had breakfast.
Steve dropped me off at the Laundromat on the way to Speedy Glass. This will be our second windshield in 14 months!  I might as well get all the laundry done while the truck is getting its new windshield.  I had tons of laundry to do...in addition to our dirty dusty riding clothes from our ATV riding, I thought I would take all the bedding as well (duvet cover and blanket)...so I ended up using 2 double load machines plus 3 regular.  Although a big job, yes it is nice to get it all done at once.
Steve called me (using his new cell) to say that the truck was going to take 4 hours so when I am finished doing the laundry, I might as well take a cab to Speedy Glass.  So after 2 hours of fun, I sat with my 3 huge bags of clean laundry in front of the Laundromat waiting for a taxi.  After a $10 ride to join Steve in the wait for the truck, it was barely 20 minutes later when they said that the truck was ready.  Hmmm...I guess it didn’t take 4 hours after all.  Had we known it was going to be ready so quickly, I could have saved myself that $10 cab ride. But we now had a brand new windshield...the technician said that that was pretty much the biggest stone hit he has seen.
Once back home, I put all the laundry away and made up the bed while Steve prepared to wash the truck.  Yes...the final thing that needed to be washed.  It will be so nice once it is done...and to have everything spic and span!
Steve got started on the truck while I did the one last bit of waxing on the trailer...underneath the overhand.  That didn’t take me long, so I decided to get back onto the internet and continue my search of a place in the Phoenix area where we can leave our rig when we head to Mexico in November.  After calling an RV park (via Skype) in Tempe, which is close to the Phoenix airport, a very nice fellow told me they did not have any space available but gave me the names of a couple of other parks that might.  One really caught my eye, looking and sounding quite nice...and their website says they also have RV storage.  So I tried calling them only to get voicemail, so I decided to send an email.  I sure hope this place works out.
I decided to go out and offer my help to Steve...I started off being the "hose lady" spraying the soap off.  But I soon graduated to operating the soapy brush, washing the sides of the truck.  Steve had already washed the roof, boat and back of the truck and was doing the cab when I came out so once I started to help with the flat sides, we were done fairly quickly.  I think it only took 4 hours instead of 5! It’s bound to rain out now!
We had the truck all washed and everything put away by 6pm...time to go inside and relax...and get dinner going.  Another day done...it’s hard to believe it will be one week tomorrow since we arrived here! 

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