Thursday, September 8, 2011 (Fort Steele Resort & RV Park, Fort Steele, BC)

We slept in until 7:30 this morning...what a great sleep compared to the previous night!  The morning goes so quickly when you sleep in so late (haha)!
We thought we might go across to Fort Steele Heritage Town and go on the train ride since it had not been running when we were here last month.  So after exercises, showers and breakfast we headed was after 11:00 by this time.
You could certainly tell that the summer season was over as we entered the parking lot...there were just a fraction of the vehicles in it today.  We went in only to find that the train had been shut down for the season...but it would be running this weekend for the Kootenay Country Fair.  Well, so much for that then...I guess we’ll be back on the weekend.
On the way back into the campground, Steve dropped me off at the office.  I wanted to check out the laundry...I couldn’t remember how much it cost and wanted to get some change as well.  Hmmm...$3.50 for the washer is a bit rich.  I only have all of our riding clothes from last week to do but decided not to bother today.  I think I’ll wait and take all the laundry into the Laundromat in Cranbrook and do it all at once. 
When I got back to the trailer, Steve was over at the fence visiting the Emu...there is a baby one that is so cute.  It gets up and walks a short distance and then just plops itself down...

I was sitting inside with the AC going and working on our blog when Steve decided he was going to offload his quad and wash it.  After finishing and posting our blog, I continued to sit inside in front of the laptop...I decided to research RV parks in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  We have our trip to Mexico all planned and we just need to find a place to store our rig while we are gone for 2 weeks this November.  Since the monthly rates at the RV parks are so reasonable, I thought that would be the way to go.  I found a park that sounded perfect but when I called, they said that they did not have any monthly sites available.  So, I guess I’ll have to continue my search.  Although they are called RV Parks, most of the parks are really full of park models and have just a few actual RV sites.  We would really rather find one that was mainly for just RVs. 
It was just before 3pm when Steve asked if I was going to come out and wash my quad. turn.  We should have gotten some before and after pictures.  Both quads were pretty dirty.  The RV Park is pretty empty right now, so we used the site next to the shade of a tree.   
Nice face...does it look like I am having fun yet???.....

It was after 4:00 when Steve went inside to grab a couple of beers...he came out a little later with a plate of cheese, crackers and garlic sausage...time for a break, he said.  So we sat in the shade and relaxed for a bit...of course, Steve was all finished his quad and had it loaded back into the truck...he was just waiting for me to finish.  So after I had a short break I finished up my quad and it was soon ready to be loaded back into the truck.
And that was pretty much our day...tomorrow it’s time to start washing the trailer...which is likely going to be broken down into two days.  Steve will start bright and early tomorrow morning doing the roof and awnings.

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