Wednesday, September 14, 2011 (Fort Steele Resort & RV Park, Fort Steele, BC)

We had another leisurely start to the day as we enjoyed our coffee and watched the sun come up over the mountains.  We are supposed to leave today but our receiver still hasn’t arrived from ShawDirect yet...nor has Steve’s credit card.  So, I guess we’ll have to extend our stay again. 

Steve went outside at about 8:30 to finish the last bit of cleaning on the truck...the tires.  So, I guess he’ll be out there awhile.  I had been trying via the Telus website to register my credit card so that I could set up automatic top-ups on Steve’s cell phone...but it would not accept my card.  So I tried using the cell itself and calling #123 just like they said...”an easy way to top-up your account”.  Still no luck...”credit card invalid...try using another one” is not invalid, damit! And I don’t have another card! frustrating!
As the morning progressed, I got even more frustrated.  I finally decided to use my cell and call the Customer Service number.  OMG...everything is totally 1 for 2 for that...and you basically go around in circles...SHEESH!  It kept taking me to the automated credit card registering...the very same place where I had tried numerous times...and each time my card was rejected!  Why can’t I just talk to a real human being?!  Well, I finally did get to talk to a Customer Service Representative and guess what?  We had a major communication problem...I could hardly understand her and she couldn’t understand me...figures.  After repeating myself numerous times...she said "all fine now"...I said "so it will work when I go online now?"...she said "yes".  Well...yup, you got it...when I tried luck. 
By this time, I am so frustrated...but just stubborn enough to not want to give up.  So after going through all the automated bulls**t, again, I finally got a real person on the phone.  This time, I asked to talk to a Canadian representative.  She understood and said that she would try to connect me....she put me 'on hold' and that is where I remained until I finally hung up.
It was 12:30 by this time and Steve had just finished cleaning and polishing the tires and rims on the truck.  After a tirade on how frustrated I was with Telus, I made soup and sandwiches for lunch. 
After lunch and relaxing for a bit, Steve decided to go and put a rain treatment on the truck windows.  I had received a favourable response from the email I sent to an RV park in Scottsdale yesterday.  They had responded that they had RV sites available as well as RV storage.  So I called and confirmed our reservations...we will arrive there November 15th, spend 4 nights (3 days to explore the area as well as get packed and ready for our vacation to Cabo) and then move our rig over to their storage area on November 19th and head to the Phoenix airport for our afternoon flight.  Upon our return, we will then move back into an RV site for a couple of nights.  I know that it is 2 months away but I am so glad to have it all taken care of. 
Well, after Steve had finished with the truck windows, he moved on to waxing the front of the cab...and next thing I know, yes, he has decided to wax the whole truck.  It’s one of those things that he kept saying needed to be done but had never gotten around to it...after all, it is a pretty big job.  But hey...seems like we are into big jobs this week!  So much for relaxing with my book in the sunshine.  I guess we are justifying our "vacation" to Los Cabos in November!!
We managed to get all but one side of the truck done this afternoon.  After we had finished for the day, I took a bag of dirty polishing rags down to the laundry...we had run out of clean ones! We were sitting outside enjoying the late afternoon when a big 40’ Class A motor home pulled in 2 sites down (nice of the office to leave an empty site between us).  Steve and Joanne came over and visited with us for a few minutes.  They are from Salt Spring Island (one of the Gulf Islands between Victoria and Vancouver) and had just purchased a 2000 Monaco down in Oregon.  They were just going through the inspection process...interesting...they have to have this done at a Canadian Tire Store.
It was after 6pm when they headed over to get set up and we went inside to get dinner going.  We basically had our usual evening watch TV, but tonight there was something other than re-runs to watch...the season premiere of Survivor was on.  Kind of a lame reality show to some, but we have always watched it since it first came on and quite enjoy it.

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