Wednesday, September 7, 2011 (Travel to Fort Steele Resort & RV Park, Fort Steele, BC)

I had an awful sleep last night...waking up at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep.  I did doze off and on a bit but at 5:30, I finally decided to just get up.  I have no idea why I couldn`t sleep!  But it is very frustrating!!

Another beautiful sunrise in the mountains...

We were all packed up and on the road by about 9:15 a.m.  It was another gorgeous day...great for travel!  We were heading to Cranbrook to Runner`s RV.  We actually had a fast stop there...they had the rubber cups for the trailer wheels and quickly installed them...cleaned the pilot light in the oven and got it working again...and we were good to go!  And we were not charged anything...bonus!

We had decided to return to Fort Steele Resort & RV Park.  It is expensive however the truck, trailer and quads are dirty and we know that we can wash them there (well...we`re not sure about the quads...but we`re hoping).  So, we`ll spend a few days there and get some cleaning done (!)
We pulled into Fort Steele and after registering, we were assigned site 86.  We got unhitched, levelled off and then sat down at the picnic table to eat the lunch I had was shortly after 1pm by this time. 
Instead of finishing our setup, all Steve did was plug in the power so we could get the fridge running.  We wanted to get back into Cranbrook (it`s only a short 10 minute trip) to find a ShawDirect dealer so that we could get our receiver replaced.  After following Serena’s directions (our GPS), we ended up in a residential area where we couldn’t even find the correct address.  Hmmm...guess I should see if there are any updates for her.  Steve decided to give the company a phone call only to find that it was a fellow who worked out of his house...and also wouldn’t be back for about 40 minutes.  Not wanting to wait around...even if we did find his house...we decided on another company.  This time Serena directed us correctly to Big Picture AVU in a business area of Cranbrook. 
The woman that worked there was very helpful.  She was not able to replace the receiver but if we liked, we could have Shaw ship the replacement to them.  After going through the usual routine of an automated service at Shaw, there would be a 58 minutes to an hour!  Caroline said that she would talk to them...she had all our information...that way we wouldn’t have to hang around.
Back home, we continued getting set up.  I was working inside while Steve was doing the water and sewer outside when I got a phone call from Shaw.  They just wanted to confirm that we wanted to have the replacement shipped to that dealer that she had spoken with...basically wanted to make sure we were who we were and to confirm shipping.  I was not too pleased to find that the replacement would be shipped from Mississauga, Ontario and would take 5 to 10 business days...sheesh!!!  When I asked if there were any options for faster delivery (because we really weren’t planning on hanging around here for that long), she said...well, you could buy a new one!  She really wasn’t snooty about it but it just wasn’t what I wanted to hear either.  All I can say is that I hope it arrives sooner than later...but knowing our luck....oh well, it is what it is!
After getting all set up, including the satellite, we sat outside in the shade while the AC was going full blown cooling off the inside of the trailer.  As usual, we eventually went inside to watch the news and get dinner on.
I’m amazed that I managed to stay awake as long as I did after not getting much sleep last night...but it was close to 11pm when I headed to bed.  We are using the receiver from the bedroom on the main TV until we get the that means no TV watching in bed for a bit.

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