Thursday and Friday, November 29 and 30, 2018 (Picacho Peak State Park, AZ)

We had a very lazy day Thursday. It was mostly cloudy all day...such a change from what we had enjoyed the past week. Steve mainly worked on picture editing while I did some baking and a little crocheting. We did get 2 blogs posted, though...still wondering if we are ever going to get caught up LOL!

We did get outside for a little fresh air and exercises. We walked around the campground...our site, with Dave and Leslie behind us...
Looking towards the I-10 hwy...
Picacho Peak sure looks different from this angle...
We sat outside for happy hour...enjoying the propane campfire...
One of Arizona's fabulous sunsets tonight...

The rain and wind woke us up in the wee hours Friday morning. Steve heard the fridge beeping...usually meaning we're out of propane. But we had electrical hookup...oh, oh! The fridge had turned off with a high limit warning. Oh great! What next? He turned it off and will deal with it in the morning.

Needless to say, neither one of us had a very good sleep last night. Once up, Steve tried to get the fridge going again...this has happened a few times in the past and he has always been able to fix it, but not this time. There's a safety high limit module that turns off if the temperature gets too high, to prevent a fire, but it has turned off a few times before when it got wet from a wind blown rainfall or accidental splashing from washing the rig. It can normally be reset by placing a strong magnet on the back of the module behind the LED may take up to 60 seconds to reset. 
So he spent considerable time not only on the phone trying to find a mobile RV tech to come out, but researching online trying to troubleshoot the problem. The nearest mobile tech was too busy to come out so recommended another guy in the area. But first he had Steve cut into the insulation to check for evidence of a refrigerant leak. Steve made a small cut and didn't see any yellow powder in the yellow insulation. He called the other tech and was told that he would be there in half an hour….but in the meantime, he put the module back together and tried it again…and it worked! He decided to go ahead and have the fellow come out to inspect it for a leak...all seemed okay, that will be a $110 call-out charge, please.

In the meantime, Dave and Leslie had issues of their own. They had received a text from one of the fellows taking care of their house in Bonnyville….the pump stopped working in their septic tank. So he was dealing long distance with that fix. Leslie also realized that in order to maintain her x-ray licence,  she had to print a form off, sign it and email it back They came over to use our printer but we hadn't used it enough and the ink had dried out...sheesh! After many attempts to make it work, we finally gave up. Dave called the park office to see if they could print off a one page form….no go…they suggested they try the library in Eloy.

So off to Eloy, we went...besides, it was a good opportunity to go to the Thirsty Donkey Tap House in Casa Grande for lunch. After hitting the library and taking care of Leslie's license renewal, we went to the Thirsty Donkey...and had a great lunch and a brew. No one partook in sampling the 40 self-serve beers on tap, though...their regular beer special was good enough for today.

On our way out of Casa Grande, Dave suggested we go to Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort and see if they will let us drive through and take a look. They had no problem with that, so in we went. We knew fellow RV friends, Dave and Diane, were staying here but didn't know their site number. But as we were driving around, we just happened upon it....that looks like their motorhome, and there's a 'for sale' sign on it...must be them! And it was. So we popped in for a quick visit...thanks for being so hospitable, Dave and Diane! It was great seeing you since you're not planning on coming to Q this winter.

We were home just before 5:30. I prepared a spaghetti squash for baking and then we went over to Dave and Leslie's for happy hour. Leslie had made her spaghetti sauce yesterday and likes to let it sit for a day to bring out the flavour, so tonight was a spaghetti dinner. She cooked pasta and garlic toast and I ran home to get the spaghetti squash...and we enjoyed another delicious dinner!

By the time we were finished dinner it was going 8:00...time to go home and chill in front of the TV until bedtime!

Today was obviously a "no picture" day...not one picture was taken! Oops!


  1. That was quite the day for all of us wasn't it? Good thing there is beer and burgers to make us feel better lol.

  2. The Thirsty Donkey sounds like the perfect escape for a day like that! Palm Creek is certainly a nice park. We visited Dave and Diane as well as another friend of ours there last year on our way through.

    1. We think the Thirsty donkey is a great concept...too bad there aren't more places like it around.

  3. Bummer on the fridge. We are hoping to check out the Thirsty Donkey in a couple of weeks.