Friday, December 28, 2018 (Apache Junction, AZ)

Dennis and Suzanne were up before us this morning...they wanted to be up early with us and what do we do? Sleep in! LOL!

Suzanne and Dennis made us all a delicious breakfast...quiche, bacon and toast. A good hearty breakfast to start the day!

Dennis' Santa Fe apparently has a third row of seats...something I didn't know when I was trying to figure out how all six of us were going to get into the car! So we all piled into their SUV...including suitcases and miscellaneous other things (see the Bud box?). It was cozy!
I started to get in the very back with Steve but found my claustrophobia got the better of me, so Don changed seats with me..whew...thanks Don!

When we arrived back at Dale and Chloe's, we unloaded everything from the car. And when I opened the trailer door, I was welcomed with a constant "beep, beep, beep" from the fridge...oh, and a very unpleasant smell. The fridge had turned off...a high limit warning. It had obviously been off for a number of days because everything in the freezers was thawed out...we lost everything in the fridge and freezer. Not exactly what we wanted to come home to!

We gave Dennis, Suzanne, Don and Rhonda big hugs and said goodbye to them...enjoy the rest of your stay! Just a few more days for Don and Rhonda and a couple of months for Dennis and Suzanne. Thanks for your hospitality (and doing our laundry!) great seeing you all!

Then I grabbed a couple of big garbage bags and began the task of emptying the contents of the freezer and fridge...yuck! And scrubbing it inside and out! Not exactly something I had planned to do as soon as we got home!

While I did that, Steve tried to get it going again but it was a no go! Next it was trying to find a mobile repair company. He ended up finding a tech on-line that only works on RV fridges. Steve called him and he was able to come by at 12:30.

After looking at it, he determined that the cooling unit was shot...and it will cost $1195 US for a reconditioned replacement. More maintenance costs! Oh well, it is what it is! We leave for Estrella Mountain Regional Park tomorrow, our usual stop to visit friends, Alan and Cec, on our way out to Quartzsite. Looks like we will stay an extra night there...luckily the RV techs said they could come out there to repair it on Sunday.

The Hi Limit Module, normally Steve can reset it by placing a strong magnet behind the light...
With the insulation pulled way you can see the yellow powder indicating a refrigerant leak...

We unpacked our suitcases and after everything was put away, we drove into town for some coffee mate for Steve's morning coffee...and some peanut butter and bread for breakfast!

At 5:00 Dale and Chloe picked us up and we headed out for dinner...WooChi Super Buffet. Nothing like a good feast of Chinese food and oh my...we had that! (Forgot to take a pic) We wanted to take them out one last time to thank them for all their hospitality and left the choice of restaurants up to them. Excellent choice, guys! It was delicious! Of course, we totally oinked out!!


  1. Whenever we leave our rig for a couple days that is our biggest fear, now that it has happened to someone we know we will probably never leave our fridge full again!

    1. We have left it before with no problems, but you just never know.