Monday, December 31, 2018 (Travel to La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had another cool night...temperature was 34F/1C when we got up this morning. There was enough clear sky on the eastern horizon to make for a beautiful sunrise, but soon after, it was totally cloudy.

We pulled out of the overflow area at White Tank at 8:45 and started the long trek back to the entrance...eventually making our way to I-10 west. It was cloudy and we even had a little rain along the way...
Some blue sky as we neared Guadelupe Mountain, left, telling us we are almost at Quartzsite...
Guadalupe Mountain. We've...well Steve and others have ridden their quads to the top for fabulous views of the area...
Quartzsite! Always feels like coming home...well, home away from home with many of our RV family coming and going throughout the season :)

Lots of vendors already set up...soon the "big tent" will be going up...
Busy on Kuehn Road...
We pulled into La Posa South LTVA (long term visitors area) just before 11:30. The Gatehouse is closed due to the government shutdown but the sani-dump and water taps are still operational.
After filling the fresh water holding tank, we headed towards the co-ordinates Earl had given us. It ended up being just 2 sites west from where we were last year...and next to Earl and Allison. They hadn't been able to make it down last good to see them this year!

We were greeted by Earl and their dog, Abby...and after hugs and handshakes, we got the trailer situated east-west the best we could, levelled and unhitched.

After a bite to eat, we got to work setting up. We needed propane, drinking water and gas for the generator and since it was New Year's Eve, we thought we'd better get into town before the businesses closed. So off we went, making stops at all the familiar spots...RV Pit Stop, water kiosk ($1 for 5 gallons) and Arco (still the best fuel prices in the area). We also stopped at Herb's Hardware for some plumbers grease to try to fix the seal in our toilet...yes, our new toilet is not holding water!

By the time we got back home and finished our set-up, it was late afternoon and time to get cleaned up and ready to go over to Earl and Allison's for drinks and dinner.

We had a delicious dinner and a wonderful time catching up with them after 2 years. After dinner, we played Rummikub...Steve and I are definitely rusty, we both got skunked! But I think we'll be getting lots of practice over the next couple of months!

We called it an evening at about 9:30....a great first night here in Q!


  1. You are right about coming Home to Quartzsite. There is just something that keeps calling you back.
    Still planning to drop in and say hello once we get everything straightened around.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Woohoo! I bet it was like coming home and seeing all those familiar sights and seeing friends. Let the happy hours begin!

    1. You bet! Won't be the same without you this year though!

  3. Could you turn up the heat a bit in your desert happy place! Great spot you have and payed forward the saving of a spot for us. Thanks guys.

    1. Turn up the heat is right, and don't forget the wind...there's snow in the Kofa Mountains today!