Wednesday, December 5, 2018 (Travel to Apache Junction, AZ)

We had originally planned to spend one more day here at Picacho Peak but with the weather forecast for rain tomorrow, we decided to head to Dale and Chloe’s today….luckily they were okay with that.

After huge hugs, we said goodbye to Dave, Leslie and Margaret ….we have had a great time sharing the adventure with them and will greatly miss them!

We went back to I-10, heading towards Phoenix….taking hwy 587 and making our way to Apache Junction. Dale and Chloe met us at the corner of their street and we followed them in to a spot just before their place. After big hugs "hello!", Steve went with Dale to check out the yard…….they have 2 spots where we could park. Their property is in the foothills, so it's not flat.

When Steve and Dale returned, we jumped back in the truck and continued on to their driveway at the end of the road. To get into the spot Steve had chosen, he had to drive up a neighbours driveway across the street...a wee bit of a steep rough ride. Then he backed down across the street and down into Dale and Chloe's steep driveway doing an S turn to the level spot beside a garage. Steve managed with no problem...and after Dale and Chloe showed us the hookups for power and water, they retreated up to the house, leaving us to unhitch and get set up.

We were finished just after 3:00 and took a beer up to the house to have a visit with Dale and Chloe. About an hour or so later, we went back down to take the boat off so that the truck is ready to take into Phoenix for servicing in the morning.

Once that was done, we went back up and joined our hosts. Chloe had prepared dinner for us, but first they suggested we go for a ride in the side-by-sides so they could show us the local RC airfield. We headed off in their RZR and they were in their Ranger. They know that Steve likes his RC plane flying but unfortunately we won't be around long enough for him to take advantage of it!
Their puppies waiting patiently to continue their ride...
This is a beautiful field and only one guy flying at dusk...
On our way back...beautiful evening!
The magnificent Superstition Mountains...
Back home, they treated us to a delicious spaghetti dinner...
We continued our visit for a little while after dinner and then called it an evening. Thanks so much Chloe and Dale for's great seeing you both again! And we are looking forward to getting out on the trails with you this weekend!

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