Thursday, March 5, 2015 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

We woke to another gorgeous day...with no wind...just lots of clear blue sky and sunshine! The forecast is for temperatures to rise steadily over the next few days...with the high by Tuesday 85F/29C. Our days down here in the sunshine are numbered as we get down to only a matter of weeks before we have to be back in BC.

We were enjoying a leisurely start to the day with our coffee when Steve scared the crap out of me! He suffers from a hiatal hernia so occasionally after taking a mouthful of liquid or food, what feels like an expanding bubble develops and is very painful until it goes down and quite often makes him feel light headed. Well, this morning after a mouthful of coffee, he experienced this and was sitting with his arms over his head to get the bubble to go down when he blacked out. It was only for a split second but I looked over to see him starting to convulse, so I yelled at him. This brought him around but he had such a dazed and confused look on his face. He seemed fine after that but said he felt "off" all day, kind of tired with a slight feeling of motion sickness and was burping a lot. Hmmm...we'll have to keep an eye on this! This has only happened to him once before...when he was around 20...that's almost 40 years ago! (That time he had just arrived at the pub with friends and ended up knocking over a whole table of beer after his first sip!)

Other than that little bit of excitement, we had a prett y leisurely start to the day. We did our resistance exercises, showered, had breakfast and cleaned was almost noon by the time we were ready to get out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine.

This is a nice big group camping area, complete with a cluster of picnic tables...

We came across this cactus in bloom after all of the recent rain...beautiful!

There we are down there...Dennis and Charlene's motorhome on the left, our rig on the right...

Back home, it was time to get to work...I started working on our blog while Steve decided to replace the light fixture on the trailer that had a defective on/off switch...

As he was wiring, mounting and sealing the light he kept checking to make sure the light worked.Ta da...done! The funny thing is (well, Steve didn't think it was so funny!) that later in the afternoon he again turned the light switch on and it didn't work! Sheesh! Guess he'll be pulling it apart again.

Happy hour enjoying the lovely mountain views...ahhhhh.....

We were settled in front of the TV after dinner when we received a Skype call from Conner, Rob and Angie. After the greeting "Gramma and Grampa!" and playing "where's Conner?" and "Grampa's gonna get your nose!", he was back to playing with his trucks. He's such a cutie and brings us such joy seeing him....we can hardly wait to see him (in person) this May!

And that was pretty much our day...I wonder what tomorrow will bring....


  1. Oh my gawd. Scary. Good thing for us to know. Hope he is feeling better now.

  2. Hope Steve is feeling better!!..
    Love the last photo !!

  3. I had the same problem and landed at the ER thinking I was having a heart is painful!!!

  4. Very scary for both you and Steve, The yelling worked to get Steve to wake up, try it with the light and see if you scare it into life!

  5. Scary! Should he see a doctor about this? Hernia repair surgery maybe? The cactus is very pretty.

  6. Thanks everyone...I'm okay. I guess I'll have to pass on drinking any fluids while driving...wouldn't want to pass out at the wheel! :-))