Saturday, March 14, 2015 (Overton Wildlife Management Area, Overton, NV)

We were up and ready to go by 9:00 this morning. Doug and Toni had invited us to go with them into Overton...they planned on a couple of stops at local stores along with checking out some yard sales, very popular on weekends this time of year. It would give us a chance to "get the lay of the land" around here and see a bit of the Overton/Logandale area.

Our first stop was at Lin's Market where there happened to be a yard sale in one corner of the parking lot. There are no restroom facilities in the gatehouse where we women will be working this summer, so Toni thought this solution would work, brand new for $3.00...just tuck it into the office for a little privacy! Too funny...well, I guess it's better than nothing! LOL!

We drove to Logandale, basically a residential area just north of Overton where Doug got propane. We saw this cool house...well, actually, castle! Mortensen Castle...

After a stop back at Lin's Market to pick up a few groceries, we were home around 12:30.  We had lunch and then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.
Well, I worked on our blog. Steve sat outside researching trucker fuel stops on our route home on Fuel Finder. We only use the truck stops when we're towing for easy access, however they are usually more expensive. He had the camera with him and captured this shot of a military helicopter going over...

At 4:00 Toni and Doug came over to watch a Vancouver Canucks hockey game...they were playing the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was awfully hot inside the trailer at 90F,  but we persevered with refreshments and snacks and sat outside where it was a little cooler during period breaks.

The game was over around 6:30...the Canucks won 4 - 1...Yay! I had picked up a roasted chicken at Lin's Market, so we had a light dinner of chicken and coleslaw along with the deviled eggs that Toni had made. Here we are sitting chatting after dinner...

Shortly after 7:30 we called it a night and Doug and Toni headed home. Steve and I sat outside for a bit enjoying the coolness of the evening...thank goodness it cools down at night!


  1. Yea for the Canucks !!!
    90 degrees..yowza!!.. That's stinkin' hot !!

  2. Stinkin' hotter today. Man oh man!