Sunday and Monday, March 1 and 2, 2015 (Pilot Knob LTVA, CA/Yuma, AZ)

With the weather forecasters calling for rain and much cooler temperatures Monday and Tuesday, we decided to just hunker down. Monday started with a fabulous sunrise...

It was a windy day, so Steve managed to get out and fly his kite. Other than that, I worked on our blog (after Steve had edited the 320 pictures he had taken at the airshow yesterday!) and we relaxed inside staying warm while waiting for the rain to start.

It was after 7:30 that night when we finally heard the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof. The rain had started and it basically continued all night.

Tuesday we woke to a little more rain but eventually the clouds broke up and we had a little sunshine breaking through. We had thought that we would hike up Pilot Knob in search of some geocaches up there but then decided that we should take advantage of being near Yuma and do some shopping. So after lunch, we headed off into town. After a stop at Walmart and Fry's, we were back home shortly after 3:00.

We thought that the rain was over with but on our way home, there were some very ominous clouds approaching. The major storm skirted around us but we did have a little more rain later on. After putting all of the groceries away, it was time to relax...and get started on my new crochet project!

As the sun went down, it broke through some of the clouds, making for a bit of a sunset.

Tomorrow the forecast is for blue sky and sunshine...with a gradual warming trend. Time to move Midland LTVA north of Blythe!


  1. Sunny and coolish. A good time to wash the rig and truck.

  2. Your comment on the Yuma Walmart made me think about how frustrated Barb got every time she shopped there. Each time she would come back and tell me how SLOOOOWW everyone was in that store!

  3. Safe travels as you head on out!!..soon it will be time to meander North !!