Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, March 22, 23 and 24, 2015 (Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, Alamo, NV)

It has been quite chilly the past few mornings with temperatures dipping down around the high 30's low 40 degree we've had the heater going in the mornings. But it still warms up during the day to the mid to high 70's...nice! Today it was a mostly overcast...not thick clouds so a little sun managed to get through. It was a little breezy though.

We had a work morning...I dusted and then Steve fired up the generator and I vacuumed. While I was doing that, Steve was outside doing some maintenance chores...he changed the bolt on the big slide (since it has broken twice before, he decided to do some preventative maintenance and change it once a year), cleaned out the truck cab, lubed the slide and rear stabilizer mechanisms...

...and finally, used silicone spray on our squeaky recliner chairs...

We had lunch and then Steve went for a walk down to the levee while I did some baking. Then it was time to relax for the rest of the day.
Roadrunner photo taken from our side picture window...

Here are some wildlife pictures Steve took while on his walk...

Two nests on a raised structure...
Ducks in flight always remind Steve of fighter jets with their speed...

Monday was a gorgeous sunny started off calm but by late morning the wind had started up again. We think this is a normally windy area.

Since we have decided to stay another couple of days until the weather up north improves, we needed more fresh water. The diesel price at the Sinclair Station is fairly decent at $2.799/gallon as we drove into Alamo. We didn't really need diesel but decided to top off the tanks. I picked up another flat of bottled water and then we pulled around to the back of the complex where the water tap was.

We were back home before 11:30. Steve put 5 gallons of water into the trailer...and I grabbed my kindle and sat outside reading. After lunch we decided to get out for some we did a nice leisurely walk around the lake again. Yes...more wildlife pictures...

Tuesday, our last day here, was awesome! A beautiful sunny day with no wind. The temps reached 81F/ couldn't have been nicer for our last day here!

We didn't do much today other than a little pre-preparation for leaving tomorrow...Steve collected the solar lights that he had placed around our yard and later on in the afternoon we hitched the trailer to the truck. Otherwise, it was a pretty lazy day, sitting in the shade reading, crocheting...and capturing a few more pictures.

The carp have been jumping all day in the little bay behind our rig so Steve set up his chair and grabbed his camera, then waited and waited ...
This Diving Duck immediately swam over to see what all the splashing was about...

All week fighter jets have been screaming overhead and for the most part have been hard to see. This is an F-15 Tomcat...(Top Gun)

We've been watching the weather forecast for our route home...and it looks good to leave tomorrow. Much, much cooler temperatures  (high 50's) than those that we have been enjoying here...but sunny. We've really enjoyed our stay here but it's time to say goodbye to shorts and flip flops...and hello to jeans and jackets.:(

If you plan on stopping here, we'd suggest you arrive fairly early in the day...there aren't many sites and only a few that can accommodate a larger rig.


  1. Safe travels to you both as you begin the long trek northward ..see you soon!

  2. Cool action shot of the carp jumping. Safe travels up north, it will be warming up there as well before you know it!

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to our paths crossing again...hopefully next winter!

    2. For sure, now that we have our Jeep and Ranger we will be able ot keep up with you!

  3. Travel safe!! Looking forward to seeing you guys again this winter, probably in Q the month of January. And dang it,, that reminds me that I better take care of our squeaky rocker LOL!!

    1. Thanks, Dave! Looking forward to seeing you folks next winter too!