Wednesday, March 25, 2015 (Travel to Twin Falls County Fairgrounds, Filer, ID)

We said goodbye to Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge and Upper Pahranagat Lake bright and early this morning. After a stop at the RV park in Alamo to dump our tanks and take on some fresh water, we started our trek north.

Today's post (and the next 3 days) are full of pictures taken on our trip north...just a warning! :)  Click on pictures to enlarge.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day...a great travel day! And a day of stunning scenery! We headed north on highway 93 and then made a slight jog over to state route 318, then highway 6...reconnecting with highway 93 at Ely, NV.

 Murry Summit just south of Ely...
And then down...
...down into Ely...

A real diversity in countryside today...

Lake in the distance...

We pulled over in Wells, NV for a break...the mountains were spectacular! Our initial plan was to overnight here at the 4 Ways Casino or in Jackpot however the overnight temperature was forecast to drop to around -3C/26F so we decided to push on to Twin Falls Idaho where it was to drop to 3C/37F.
Wildlife Overpass...

Very rocky area...

 That's not snow...

Jackpot, NV...
Cactus Pete's Casino...the parking lot was full of RV's and semi's. This was the other Casino we had contemplated staying at. They also have an RV Park (just out of view) that looked quite full...
Lots of casinos in the small town of Jackpot!
 Shortly after driving through Jackpot, we entered Idaho!

After a long travel day (402 miles/647 kms), we arrived at Twin Falls County Fairgrounds where they have a large RV park. We pulled into the huge grassy area, taking up a couple of sites but as you can see, it wasn't busy. The water taps were turned off but we had a 30 amp electrical hookup...which is good because the temps get pretty chilly overnight!

We did a "minimal" setup, had a light dinner and then relaxed for the evening watching a little TV...being close to a city, we picked up plenty of over-the-air TV.


  1. Welcome to Idaho! If you are in the Boise area, drop us a line. We would love to get together with you!

    1. Sorry Jon-Felicia...we blasted through Boise the other day. Not crazy about all that highway construction:-) Perhaps our paths will cross next season if your heading south.

  2. Looked like it was a long travel day with very minimal travel..getting closer !!!

  3. Dianne & Steve
    I've been following your blog for 2 months and love all the pictures you post. My husband just retired and I will at the end of May. We've purchased a Winnebago View and since this is our 1st RV we have a huge learning curve. How do you find your RV camping sites while traveling from one place to another?

    1. Thanks for tagging along Bridget. We have been asked a few times now how we select campsites etc., so when we get settled at our work camping job at Monck Provincial Park later this week we'll do a detailed blog on stay tuned.
      Congrats on your retirement!

  4. 402 miles? You guys must be on a mission to get north! Days like that can be very wearing on both driver and passenger.

    1. That many hours on the road is still better than the same hours at work! We had to delay some of our travel to wait out poor weather which as you know is the beauty of this lifestyle. :-)