Monday, March 16, 2015 (Overton Wildlife Management Area, Overton, NV)

We were lucky arriving here on a Friday because the Simplot Plant across the highway shuts down after the Friday day shift, however they restart with a Sunday night shift and run 24 hours...and what a racket! This is a good free spot before the Sunday night shift starts. We're enjoying our time here but it wouldn't be our preference to spend any length of time here. There are also lots of red ants so Steve had sprayed some Home Defense around the trailer before we set up the other day. Another clarification...this is not a wildlife refuge but a wildlife management area which means it is a bird hunting area (when in season).

At about 7:30 we saw that Doug and Toni were starting to pull out of their site next door so we went out to say travels guys, it was great spending some time with you! We'll see you in a couple of weeks when we join you on our work camping gig at Monck Provincial Park.

It was late morning when we headed into town to take care of a few errands. Our first stop was at the Maverick station to fill up with diesel...$2.90/gallon.

On the way to Logandale for propane we passed this old Sherman Tank; I believe it was parked in front of the  Overton Community Center...

After getting a propane tank filled, it was back to Overton and Lin's Market and Family Dollar. Steve filled our drinking water containers from the water kiosk in front of the Family Dollar while I went in to Lin's Market to stock up on a few things before leaving tomorrow. He snapped this picture of a vintage Pontiac Le Mans convertible while waiting in the parking lot for me...

As soon as we got home we hitched the trailer to the truck. We're in a very level spot so it worked well and that's one less thing to do in the morning. After putting the groceries away, it was time to sit outside in the was another hot one! This wild turkey walked by on the other side of the fence...Steve had his camera poised ready for more but that was it, just the one...

So that ends our time in Overton...we leave in the morning for a campground in the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.

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