Monday, September 9, 2013 (Prince George, BC)

We had a very leisurely morning...we weren't in any rush since we were only going a short distance to Bob and Sue's place...just over a half hour away.  I got caught up on some banking and booked our flights to Victoria from Phoenix at Christmas time. 

It was late morning when we said goodbye to Ralph and Sheila as they headed out...they have about a 4 1/2 hour drive back home to Deka Lake, an hour east of 100 Mile House.  Jeff and Marlaine are all packed up but are taking their quads out for a ride on the trails to collect items left behind from the poker ride.  We would be gone by the time they got back, so we said our goodbyes and thanked them for a great weekend.

Okay...well, I guess it's time for us to start packing up.  It was about 1:20 when we left our camp spot and headed towards Prince George.  Recently the air has been escaping (quite a hissing) until our system has pressured up, from an air toggle switch inside the cab of the truck. 
The switch is used for dumping the air out of the air bags at the back of the truck. Well, Steve thought it would be a good idea to check at the local commercial truck places to see if he could find a replacement switch.  After 3 stops, he had had no luck....except one that may have worked but was a lot larger than needed.  Hopefully, the switch will hold until we get back down to Langley where the system was installed.

We found Bob and Sue's place with no problems and got leveled off and unhitched.  We had just finished getting all set up when Bob and Sue got home from appointments.  Bob had surgery on his eye lids this morning. The skin was drooping and starting to affect his peripheral vision.  He said that he felt fine...but he is certainly going to have a couple of shiners for a bit! 

We sat outside with a drink enjoying their deck and chatting.  They have a lovely home on four acres.

Their clothes line had come down...the tree they had it anchored to actually fell Bob decided he was going to set it up on another tree.  All I can say is...there is absolutely no way you would get me up there!  At least Steve is holding the ladder...
Sue is up on the deck at the other end of the clothes line...
Okay...all ready to haul it up...

After a delicious spaghetti dinner...including birthday cupcakes (Happy Birthday, Bob!), we sat chatting at the table until about 8:30 and then said goodnight and headed out to the trailer.  Steve watched a taped program while I worked on the blog and also made notes of the past few days.  Tomorrow, Bob and Sue are taking us out on a quad ride to show us some of the trails in their area. 

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