Monday, August 26, 2013 (Travel to Whitehorse, Yukon)

It was another cold morning when Steve briefly got out of bed to turn the coffee and furnace on...we got up about 15 minutes later once the furnace had warmed things up a bit. 

We left the campground at about 9:00...view of the mountains as we drove towards the highway...

...and as we drove along Kluane Lake...

This welcomes tourists as you enter Haines Junction...

We arrived in Whitehorse just before noon and drove straight to Kal Tire to see if they could change a tire on the trailer.  It is wearing oddly and Steve wanted to have the spare tire put on.  They couldn't do it until 2:00 so we went on our way to get started on all of the things we needed to do in Whitehorse. 

First of all, we stopped at Integra Tire where they have a sani-dump...after dumping and putting some fresh water in the tank, we got propane and then headed to Walmart.  We had considered staying the night in the Walmart parking lot with all of the other RV's but we weren't impressed...the lot is fairly small and quite congested with every type of RV.

After eating our lunch, I headed into Walmart to pick up a few groceries.  It's not a Super-Walmart so I will still need to go down to the Super Store for some fresh veggies. By the time we were finished there, it was going on to 2:00 so Steve headed back to Kal Tire while I walked a couple blocks to the Super Store to finish my shopping.

Steve picked me up just before 3:30 and then we went to pick up his hunting rifle that he had left at a gunsmith's.  Apparently there was a crack in the bed of the stock, so he repaired that. Hopefully it shoots accurately now.

We stopped at the liquor store for beer and then went to the station near Walmart where Steve managed to maneuver the rig in so that we could fuel up with diesel.  We managed to fill both sides...this is much easier when we do not have the trailer in tow!

Whew!  All errands are finally was now going onto 4:00.  Since we had decided not to stay in the Walmart parking lot, we continued down the highway a short distance to a large gravel parking area at the turnoff to Carcross.  We leveled off, put the sliders out and did the minimum setup...stuff off the bed and the chairs out.

We sat inside and since we have an internet signal, Steve responded to emails while I did the same and then managed to get one more blog posted.  We headed to bed early for what I figured would be a rather noisy night considering our camping spot.


  1. I couldn't find an email address for you but am interested in what you have for solar and satellite. Thank you

    1. We have four 6 volt golf cart batteries and four solar panels for a total of 446 watts. We would eventually like to have 600 watts.
      We use Shaw Direct satellite.