Monday, July 8, 2013 (Hi Country RV Park, Whitehorse, Yukon)

Today was work more putting it off!  We had no clean clothes and no food in the fridge!  So I spent the better part of the morning doing 5 loads of laundry, while Steve cleaned out the trailer basement.
It is the first time that he has cleaned out the basement since we moved in over 3 years it was due anyway. 

The real 'method behind his madness' was looking for a missing mouse trap that was tripped the other day and to see where the mice are getting in...and if they have caused any damage.  Steve had trapped 2 mice at Watson Lake and 2 more since then. (So far he is tied with the amount of fish he caught at Muncho Lake!)  He eventually found the trap with a little blood on it and no mouse... so hopefully Mickey made his escape and didn't die in our rig somewhere.  If you recall when we were in Tumbler Ridge we had used the rest of our Fresh Cab in our bedroom ceiling and H/W tank area inside our kitchen counter and so far all is good there. Well after pulling the sidewalls off the basement area Steve discovered that there is a large open area between the floor and the underbelly enclosure of the trailer. And those sidewalls have a 2 " gap between the top and the floor above.  He could see daylight coming through a large hole where the slider hydraulic rams come through the trailer frame.
That's got to be their access point...Sheesh! You would think the manufacturer would put a large rubber seal there to stop dust and mice from getting in. By no means is the interior living areas sealed from dust and pests from the underbelly/basement area. It's not rocket science!!!

The good "known" damage.
It was going on 2:00 by the time we had finished our work and we were both hungry, but with no food in the fridge yet, we decided to go out for lunch.  There is a neat little restaurant that we had passed the other day, so we decided to go there. The restaurant is housed in two of the oldest buildings still in use in is the history of Klondike Rib & Salmon

After lunch, Steve dropped me off at the Super Store to do some grocery shopping while he went to get a haircut.  Unfortunately, he wasn't successful...the place he wanted to go to was closed Monday's.  Oh well...he'll have to try tomorrow.
So he started looking for places that might carry the Fresh Cab. Nobody had ever heard of it but Fraserway RV (yes, there is a Fraserway RV here in Whitehorse) had just started carrying a product called Rodents Odor Free. It is similar but has no odor. Time will tell if it works as well. 
It was well after 5:00 by the time we got home...exhausted!  And that was pretty much our day...we're going back into sightseeing mode tomorrow.

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  1. What kind of things did you find were hard to get? You said the grocery and Walmart didn't have some of the things you needed?