Tuesday, December 4, 2012 (Travel to Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Peoria, AZ)

For some reason, I was wide awake before 5:00 a.m....now, I know that I like mornings and don’t mind getting up early but this is a little ridiculous!  After laying there trying to get back to sleep, I decided it was just no use, so I got up...it was 5:20...sheesh!

So I had had a good start on my coffee by the time Steve got out of bed, shortly after 6:00.  A couple of hours later, he decided to call Midway GMC in Phoenix to find out if the part for the truck had come in.  It had...hmmm...so when were they going to call us?  Okay, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt...it had just arrived.  We can bring the truck in tomorrow morning anytime after 6:30 a.m.

With that news, it meant that we are leaving today and heading to Lake Pleasant.  We picked Pleasant Harbor RV Resort because we were there last year, we like it...and it’s only about a half hour drive to the GMC dealer in Phoenix.

It took some time to pack everything away...normally if we know we are leaving, Steve will start packing things away the day before but this time nothing had been done...even the quads had to be loaded into the truck.  So, it was about 11:00 by the time we were ready to head out.  First of all, though, we wanted to say goodbye to everyone.  Rob and Peggy from across the road had already popped over on their way out to say goodbye.  We walked down to Bob and Sue’s place, bid farewell to them, and on our way back to Earl and Alison’s, we noticed their truck wasn’t there...they were down at our place looking for us.  They saw us and drove down...so long for now, Earl and Alison; thanks for the great rides and sharing your geocaching knowledge with us...we are well on our way!  We’ll be back come January/February.  Finally, we said goodbye to Art and Jan...and then were on our way.

By the time we finished at the sani-dump, it was noon by the time we were on highway 95 north, to Quartzsite and Interstate 10 east.  After a bit, we took the exit to highway 60 towards Wickenburg, to highway 74 and finally Lake Pleasant.  It was a beautiful day for travel...just the way we like it—blue sky and lots of sunshine.

We stopped at a little shopping area just before Salome, where Steve ate his leftover pizza (from last night) for lunch.  

There was a neat garden and patio place with figurines made out of metal...we were really impressed by the horses...

It was about 3:00 when we arrived at Pleasant Harbor RV Resort...

...and were surprised we wouldn’t be able to get a site overlooking the water (in the overflow section).  But we managed to get an “end” site (#45). 

After getting leveled and unhitched, Steve connected the power...we have 50 amp power and water hookups...and I immediately got to work giving the trailer a good vacuuming.

At about 5:00, totally exhausted, it was finally time to sit outside and relax with a drink.  But all of the work wasn’t done yet...the boat still had to be offloaded and the cab of the truck cleaned out...all in preparation for the trucks service appointment first thing tomorrow morning.

Once all that was done, we headed inside but not before capturing an absolutely stunning sunset over the lake...

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